(Chemical Brothers, depeche mode, Madonna)

Kasket Club

Light up that weary spirit and get lost in exquisite electro chillwave. Norway-based Kasket Club‘s self-titled first EP encapsulates cityscapes and club music without shrouding the ears with loud beats, but rather flourishing it with amazing beats that caresses and hooks you for hours.

OVERWERK: After Hours

Familiarly known as OVERWERK, Edmond Huszar has released his mind-blowing EP entitled After Hours. This EP features six tracks of electronic brilliance and dance floor bangers.


Expect nothing less from OVERWERK‘s latest musical offering Conquer. This four-track release combines orchestra and electronic musings into a one-of-a-kind collection that fluidly translates sound into experience. Edmond Huszar a.k.a OVERWERK is a 23-year-old producer and songwriter from London, Canada who released his debut album last year and has since then creating waves in the indie scene.

The White Panda: Bambooyah!

Indulge yourselves on The White Panda’s 50-minute continuous mash-up album. Jam-packed with crazy ecstatic beats, Bambooyah! will definitely blow the steam off the night. Though the tracks may be brief snippets, every single one of them is a highlight. These are accentuated by the exciting diversions into psychedelic space.

Poison IV: Fly Society

In this day and age where the feminine figure is starting to establish its roots on various branches of this male-fueled world, it’s refreshing to hear them flip conventions too; that, as beautifully executed by Poison IV. Megan Hamilton, who prefers to be called ‘Poison IV’, is not to one to get stuck on one genre. Despite a predominantly “hip-hop-ish” packaging, she transitions from one style to another as she pleases, not minding that she’s dipping into alternative pop, rap, and R&B as well.

Tropo: FOUR

FOUR is Tropo‘s first studio album even though the group already splashed in the world of electronic since 2010. When you check out this group’s new album, you will be treated with burst of candy colors that offers actually the sort-of opposite but that is actually the exciting part.