For times when all you need is a funky and quirky party album, pop over Vernon Lenoir’s The Rites of Sausage and you should be good to go. This crazy party album mixes loud beats, 8-bit pixel goodness and a dose of remade pop culture.

The super talented composer/sampling-genius has released several compilations from various netlabels like UpItUp, VM Recordings, and Ego Twister. This time around, he ventures over to Chinstrap Records and unloads his genius samples via The Rites of Sausage.

From the Macarena to Inspector Gadget, the record is a sure mix of funky goodness. 

Even though you’re not exactly big on party music, this is one of those records you’d love to have playing at some point in your downtime. The Rites of Sausage is essentially a world born from illusion. It’s a world where everyone has gone bonkers and only sees sausages and experiences visions from these same sausages.

Opening track like¬†Zwiebelkuchen, start off the party with a blast. Juxtaposing deep beats with a cartoony sound that makes you wonder what exactly you’re listening to. Certain songs like Dwelling, exude a more laid-back vibe; giving listeners a very short breather in between the chaos of the rest of the cuts. Some of my other favorite picks include Augustus featuring Satanicporncultshop and Another Glass of Melonade. Of course, it’s hard to resist Makar and its Macarena beat.

The album is definitely eclectic and something you can enjoy if you’re looking for some fun. Every song is filled with rich and cleverly done samples that’s interesting and worth checking out. You can grab the download over at Free Music Archive. This is worth it.

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