(Orbital, Crystal Method, Lords Of Acid)

Netlabelism cover 12/10 compilation

Want to hear the best of Hip Hop, House, Inditronic, and Dub without spending hours sampling music on the web? Well turn your speakers up because you are in the right place, at the right time., an online magazine for quality netaudio, just released their next 12/10 compilation of the best tracks under the Creative Commons license. And it means that you can download it for free and share it with others as long as you give credit to the creators.

Deied: Formation of chaos

Deied is a German electronic duo composed of n1n0 and din-tah aeon. (Don't ask me how to pronounce those.) The duo is set on creating some of the darkest and coolest industrial, electronic sound there is. According to their website, this is the duo's 11th collaboration, although there are only 7 albums available in Jamendo as well as their official website that's up for free download. Formation of Chaos is filled with 10 dark electronic tracks that are often infused with melodic vocal work and layers of instruments. Basically, it's an album that combines a whole lot of synth, dark, symphonic musical elements that makes you feel as if you're moving through the deep dark woods under a full moon sky.

Cologne Commons 05: Compilation

Here's another cool compilation from Cologne Commons that you can sink your teeth into. Cologne Commons Compilation 05 is a mix of indie pop, electronic ambient sounds that carefully showcases some of the best netlabel acts Germany has to offer. This awesome festival is a great place where businesses, artists, musicians and netlabels gather to celebrate everything and anything creative commons represents.

MixGalaxy Records: Downtempo Hits

MixGalaxy Records celebrates their birthday bash by releasing some of the best ambient, downtempo and chillout tracks in their roster. Formed back in 2009, this cool Russian net-label took their name after being local residents of forums. Now turning 1, this awesome netlabel gathers together 20 of the best dub, ambient & downtempo cuts into one relaxing album. Have a listen and enjoy a pleasant trip to a surreal musical landscape.

Grünemusik: Time Machine

Time Machine by Grunemusik might strike you as a bit "weird" at first, especially if you are completely clueless when it comes to J-pop, anime type of music. However, if you feel right at home in the genre, then this will fit perfectly in your playlist. The album is actually a set of tracks done by 6 different Japanese artists. Each of the songs are filled with electronic, atmospheric poppy beats with vocaloid tracks; definitely perfect as an anime soundtrack.

Cologne Commons Compilation 04

Cologne Commons Compilation 04 is a mix of some of the best pop, techno, electronic and dub tracks you'll find among Cologne's netlabel industry. It has become somewhat tradition during The Cologne Commons Festival to release accompanying records that help exhibit some of the best free and legal music in their part of town. The festival serves as an avenue to educate and promote free, legal music under creative commons license.

MaelStröM: Let’s dance to … forget

In the mood for a little dance-athon in your own apartment? MaelStröM's Let's Dance to... could work as your soundtrack. Filled with techno, industrial rock sounding tracks, it's enough to induce some rhythmic body spasms voluntarily or involuntarily. Let's dance to... features 12 eclectic, industrial rock songs with a touch of pop that's enough to probably make Trent Reznor even listen twice.

Anitek: Anitek Instrumentals Vol.

Better half of trip-hop duo Tab and Anitek makes his own statement. Instrumental music is always a little tough to judge, simply because there are no vocals or lyrics you could cry out to and criticize point blank like it's off key, or too nasal blah blah. However, Anitek certainly changes that. Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 1 is filled with catchy tracks. It's more than just trip-hop, its old school rock, blues, jazz and everything in between all rolled into one beautiful sound. Anitek has had several LPs released under his name, including two other volumes for this instrumental compilation. This album is worth the listen if you want something to give you good vibes throughout the night.