Software or Games for iPad

Harbor Master HD

Harbor Master HD is a fun and very addictive game that will keep you busy for a good long time. It's a lot like Flight Control except this time you don't handle airplanes, you handle boats instead. Your job is to navigate the boats around a busy harbor so they can smoothly dock in and out of the space without running into each other. Created by Imangi Studios, LLC, the game is a cool take on being a dock master. It was first released in 2010 and already won raves from gamers. Although the game is offered for free, there are additional maps that you can purchase for a small fee. Nevertheless, the current free map is enough to keep you busy for awhile.

MindNode – free mind mapping software for your mac, iPhone and iPad

Always having trouble keeping everything you do or even your thoughts organized? MindNode might be able to help you out. This cool mind mapping tool is perfect for anybody who prefers having a visual equivalent of their ideas and thoughts. The program works great on the iPad, iPhone or iTouch so you can instantly bring it up and use whenever you need to. It was created by Markus Mueller and contains plenty of interesting features that's perfect for any enthusiast. Give it a download.


Familiar with the movie, Bolt? If yes, then you're going to adore RhinoBall. This cool game features the little hamster, Rhino, from the movie. The game is quite simple, all you need to do is control Rhino while he collects various items and head for where Bolt is. The game was initially released as a way of promoting the movie Bolt when it first came out. It's become quite a staple in the iTunes app store since then. If you're looking for something to kill time or if you want an entertaining game that even your child play, then go ahead and grab this one. It's absolutely free.

Teragati (Attachment Computing)

If you like space games, Teragati might deserve a spot in your iPhone or iPad. This fun game puts you in control of a spaceship that has to avoid or steer clear from various space junk hurling its way. It's a fun game that will definitely become an instant favorite on your iOS device. Teragati was created by Attachment Computing and made available on the App Store for free. It features wonderful graphics, as well as a highly addictive gameplay. Perfect for when you're bored or simply have too much time in your hands; the game is addictive and will definitely be tons of fun.


You might think that PhotoRocket is just another photosharing program but there's actually quite a few features you might find charming in this cool app. Apart from the fact that it's offered absolutely free, there are a couple of things that makes this one slightly different from all the rest. Aiming to be the easiest program you'll ever use when it comes to photosharing, PhotoRocket actually works great. It lets users easily share photos without much hassle. It provides an easy to use interface that's simple to navigate even for non-techie users. Give the program a try. This might be the photosharing program you've been waiting for.


A fun and quirky game, JellyCar has won its fair share of fans. Created by Walaber, the game puts you in control of a jelly car that will go through all the nooks and crannies until it sees the highly elusive stop sign. Thanks to its popularity, succeeding versions of the App has been developed including the latest one by Disney. Of course, the newer versions are available for a price so it's best if you give this free one a try first before shelling out the cash. The game combines beautiful graphics, responsive controls and very addictive gameplay to turn it into a complete winner. Try it out.


Dactyl is a fun and addictive game that you'll definitely enjoy. The game was developed and released by Mauvila Software. It was initially offered for $0.99 but has since been offered for free by the company. In the game, your job is to diffuse the bombs that light up, but you have to diffuse them in the same order that they light up, otherwise it's kaboom! It's essentially a fast-paced memory game where remembering is an important factor for you not to be blown to bits. So if you are up for a little challenge, have good dexterity in your fingers and a sharp memory, this game is just waiting for you to play. Grab it right now.

Free Solitaire 3D

erhaps one of the easiest and most well-known computer game since the days of yore is the Solitaire. With countless remakes and a couple of face lifts; this cool, classic game is now hitting the iPad and other iOS device in full 3D. Created by GrassGames, this Free Solitaire 3D is a great way to keep yourself busy on your spare time. It has everything that the classic card game has to offer and a little bit more. The game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store, so go ahead and download this one by simply hitting the download link above the image.

Full Deck Solitaire

Looking for a challenging yet fun game of Solitaire? Try out this Full Deck Solitaire from GRL Games. Full Deck Solitaire lets you play this classic card game along with some fun new features. Showcasing an easy to use interface and great graphics, you'll definitely enjoy playing Solitaire on your free time. It's also perfect if you simply need a breather from all the work you have. Created by GRL Games, the game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store. It works great on the iPad, iPhone as well as iTouch so feel free to grab this one.