Software for Apple Mobile Devices


Between is a social network app for couples. It was created by VCNC, a South Korean company. The app was boringly designed for the Asian market but its popularity has caused it to spread throughout the US and the rest of the world. In a nutshell, Between is a social network for couples. Unlike other social networking apps where everything you post is there for the world to see, Between is private. You can share photographs, messages and memories with your special someone. There is real time chatting. Plus there are a lot of emoticons, hearts and smiley faces you can use.


As an open source video and music player, Miro has a lot in common with other free players. But it goes beyond what the usual freeware offers. Aside from managing audio and video, it also doubles as an audio/video shopping center. Miro allows users to import their libraries from iTunes. There is support for Android syncing. If you are looking for the iTunes equivalent in Android devices, this is it. Aside from supporting all popular video and audio formats, you can download or subscribe to podcasts.


Foodspotting is all about finding your favorite dishes or restaurants nearby. If you want to find out what your local restaurant is serving up, this app from Foodspotting Inc can help. The information comes from users who post images of their favorite foods. This setup is different from other apps in that you get first hand info from real users and restaurant goers.

Pulse News

There are a lot of news readers for the iPad, with most having the same interface. Pulse from Alphonso Labs is different. Itís not just the unique interface; there are also distinct features in this app. When you start this RSS reader, youíll see that it makes good use of the iPadís generous screen. Navigating the app is pretty easy. News feeds are scrollable. To see more, move vertically. One of the nice things about Pulse is the pictures, ideal to liven up your news reading. News items can be read in web or text version. In portrait view, the entire screen will be reserved for reading. In landscape view, stories can be read side by side. A new feature lets you keep track of stocks.

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a photography app for the iPad and iPhone. Developed by Big Blue Clip LLC, it is used for combining (stitching) several images into one framed photo. The appís interface makes it very easy to learn and use. Even if you are not a pro, it is very easy to create works of art. The app can be used to make a photographic series, combining your favorite pictures and producing a before-and-after sequence. While the programís goal is simple, it has many features. Pic Stitch allows for high resolution export and can be saved into albums.


There are a lot of useful Google Chrome extensions, and Feedly is one of them. It works like a news reader, informing you the latest news from blogs, feeds, Twitter, Facebook and other sites. The contents are displayed in a magazine-like manner. Feedly also integrates nicely with YouTube, Amazon, Delicious, Google Reader and other popular sites. Feedly provides many ways to edit, work, display, filter and add content. Youíll have to spend some time configuring the program, but itís worth it. After setting up Feedly, you will end up with a custom made magazine digest consisting of stuff you want. The app also provides suggestions, a lot of which are pretty good and spot on.


Thereís no shortage of places to eat, but how do you know which ones are good? Well you can try Urbanspoon, a free app (Android / iPhone) that allows you to search for the best restaurants around you. There are several ways to filter your searches. Once you register for free, you can look for eating places that have entered the Village Voice's "Best of" lists. You can also look for restaurants with a James Beard Foundation award, or those that made it into the dining blog Eaterís ďessentialĒ restaurants. This new option is great if you want to find out the places the food critics are raving about.


Big Oven app shows why mobile food / drink apps are superior to traditional recipe books. This app by comes with over 250,000 entries, which is why it is also called 250,000 Recipes. Fortunately, the program has a robust search engine. The search feature is very flexible. You can look for specific food. It can generate random recipes if you want to try something different. You can also find out what other users are preparing.


Have a knack for editing pictures and then uploading then on Facebook for all to see? Well, here is something that fits your app needs to the maximum level and that is Pixlr-o-matic. This app truly redefines the simplicity of 1-2-3 editing by making everything intuitive and simple. The app was created by one of the Top Developers on the Android Market, AutoDesk Inc., who has made quite a few mind boggling productive apps in the pat and Pixlr-O-Matic definitely takes cue from the legacy.