Shotgun FunFun

With doomsday theorists saying we might have a potential zombie attack to fight off during the end of days, it's always best to stay prepared. Shotgun FunFun can help you out with that. This cool game puts you in a scenario where you're trapped in an industrial looking place with 100,000 zombies ready to eat your brains. Oh, and you have unlimited shotgun shells at your disposal so you can blast your way through hordes of the undead. Originally available for download on the PC, the game is now offered absolutely free from the Mac App Store. Now you can tune in and blast your way through a zombie feast. Give the game a download and see how far you can keep Buck Morris alive.

Desktop Poems

Remember those days when you would sit in your kitchen, in front of your fridge and move around those word magnets to try and shape it into a phrase or a sentence? Well, if you miss being able to do that or you simply don't spend enough time in your kitchen anymore, then grab this cool software. Desktop Poems mimic how word fridge magnets used to work. You get a random bunch of words that you can move around and arrange any way you want. The software was developed by Fredrik Olsson and is currently available as a free download from the App Store. Check out the software right now.


Ranger is the latest game released by Netherland-based developing outfit, Foppygames. This one is another fun adventure platformer where you get to play a pilot on a reconnaissance mission against hostile and unfriendly aliens. You'll need to navigate yourself through the many doors, looking for the hostages and rescuing them. At the same time, you'll need to defend yourself against the feisty aliens out to get you. This game was created using Blitz 3D. There are also several other freeware games offered by the developer on his site so after you're satisfied with saving all the hostages as well as killing all the alien kidnappers in this one, go ahead and check out the others as well. Cool game that's worth your time.

Star Opus: Episode I “Pathway to the Pollux”

Dubbed as the "real mother of all retro games," Star Opus I takes retro shooting to a whole new level. The game induces some hardcore Asteroids style of gameplay along with some lovely, lovely tunes to go along with it. Star Opus I is essentially a one-man project. The first episode is currently released as a freeware and so will Episode II, which is currently under construction. However, it seems to be set for a commercial release later on. Let's just hope this doesn't come soon enough. For the meantime, grab this download from their website or simply hit the Download Game link. It's perfect if you just want to get away for awhile, head to space and shoot some asteroids.


You might think that PhotoRocket is just another photosharing program but there's actually quite a few features you might find charming in this cool app. Apart from the fact that it's offered absolutely free, there are a couple of things that makes this one slightly different from all the rest. Aiming to be the easiest program you'll ever use when it comes to photosharing, PhotoRocket actually works great. It lets users easily share photos without much hassle. It provides an easy to use interface that's simple to navigate even for non-techie users. Give the program a try. This might be the photosharing program you've been waiting for.

The Unarchiver

From the get-go, it's obvious what The Unarchiver does. It can easily unzip or unpack any files that you want. Even though the program might have an unimaginative name, it gets the job done without much trouble and complaint. The program was developed by Dag Agren and available for free download on the Mac App Store. It works great on Mac but it's also possible to run it on Windows or Linux. You just have to follow a few things before you can get it up and running. It's a nifty little tool that's easy to navigate and understand. Best of all, you can easily open any file you have since it supports a great selection of formats. Give it a try.

John Cube

If puzzle games are more your thing, Johnny Cube should prove entertaining. This cool puzzler runs in the same vein as Sokoban. The game involves plenty of block pushing and puzzle solving. Even though it's quite new (released just this month by Primož Vovk, otherwise known as Blodyavenger) the game is already winning good points for its smooth gameplay. This is the second indie release for the developer, following the footsteps of the 2D game, Obelisk Blocks. It's definitely a game worth playing. The graphics are clean, gameplay is much better and smoother than Sokoban and it's certainly quite enjoyable. Give it a download by clicking the Download Game link on the upper left.

Free Solitaire 3D

erhaps one of the easiest and most well-known computer game since the days of yore is the Solitaire. With countless remakes and a couple of face lifts; this cool, classic game is now hitting the iPad and other iOS device in full 3D. Created by GrassGames, this Free Solitaire 3D is a great way to keep yourself busy on your spare time. It has everything that the classic card game has to offer and a little bit more. The game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store, so go ahead and download this one by simply hitting the download link above the image.


Beacon is a short, fifteen minute freeware game that lets you control a spaceman that has crashed and landed in some unknown space rock. The game might be short and features simple 2D graphics but there's something that's enjoyable and fun in playing this game. This was created for the Ludum Dare 48 game, where developers who participated had to create a game in a 48 hour deadline. Despite the game's simplicity, it features a wonderful and atmospheric mood. There's also plenty of depth in the game that makes you wish it was a little longer. Since the game was initially released, it has been polished, making it a little more faster and better than the first version. Give the game a go.