Road Warrior

All race game lovers, it is time to rev-up the machines and burn the rubber on your Android device with Road Warrior. This game is one of the meanest and most extreme racing games of its kind; almost giving birth to a whole new genre. Created by Top Free apps and Games, the developer has made a breakthrough with Road Warrior, in more than just a big way. The game is truly amazing in every sense.

MX Video Player

Android is a great and powerful operating system, one that turns our smartphones into truly great and exciting 'toys'. Unfortunately, it does come with few small shortcomings; the major one being the default video player. HD movies just don't feel the same and the time bar and play/pause functions can turn the player into a somewhat annoying friend. So here comes the MX Video Player that is all set to raise the coolness and productivity quotient to a new level altogether. Developed by MX Technologies, the app is slick and fits perfectly within the new age Android eco-system. Lets take a look at the offerings of the Freemium app.

Instinctiv Music Player

Got internet connection? Get any song you want, on any device(s) you have. Bounce and share songs in a single breath. That's what the Instinctiv Player SyncStream is promising. As you'd expect with this or any other player, the Instinctiv Player SyncStream makes your entire music library available whenever you have an Internet connection. What's new is that you can grab almost any song of your whim, whether you are bouncing songs between devices or grabbing a song you heard blasting from a passing car.

Khan Academy

We have already wrote about Khan Academy on FrostClick before, highlighting their amazing educational resources and videos ready to get you on the target, and now there is even more. So for all the Know-It-All fans here is the official Khan app for the iPad, one of the best educational offering till date to hit the iOS scene. Developed by the Khan Academy team, timely volunteers and part-time contributors, the app is a class apart and surely does what only can leave the users imagination in awe.

NPR Music

To all of our FrostClick readers in search of some quality content, here is a little treat that should check out right away, NPR Music. This app truly offers a class mix of music from a variety of genres, music news, articles, reviews, interviews, live concerts and exclusive streams to name a few. The App Store page even goes to the extent of labeling NPR Music as "your guide to new music". Does it live up to the promises? Lets check-it. Developed by NPR themselves, this app boasts of quality all the way through. The developers very well knew what they wanted and churned out the best possible app with the maximum offerings for the users. A big thumbs-up to NPR for the initiative.


There have been various DJ apps that help in mixing music and other audio data right on the device itself, but here comes something totally different. Taptu is like a full-fledged DJ app, but instead of mixing music, this one mixes all the social news in a jiffy. Created by Taptu themselves, the developers brainstorming sessions have really done wonders for this masterpiece of an app. The developers has quite a few other apps developed, but Taptu seems to be a whole new ball game altogether.


Have a knack for editing pictures and then uploading then on Facebook for all to see? Well, here is something that fits your app needs to the maximum level and that is Pixlr-o-matic. This app truly redefines the simplicity of 1-2-3 editing by making everything intuitive and simple. The app was created by one of the Top Developers on the Android Market, AutoDesk Inc., who has made quite a few mind boggling productive apps in the pat and Pixlr-O-Matic definitely takes cue from the legacy.

Old Photo PRO

Many people have a habit of playing around with pictures and adding various effects for fun. Well than, if you are one of them Old Photo PRO is the perfect solution for your iOS device. With Old Photo PRO, you will have the option to give a complete golden-era touch to the pictures. The app was developed by Deion Mobile and is a very casual application for some light-hearted fun.


FxCamera is a straight shooter; it does what it says and does it to its maximum potential. If you need any proof, just check out the download numbers, which should speak for themselves. Created by ymst, the developer might got close to a fail when it comes to his previous creation, but has scored gold with FxCamera, a brilliant job to say the least. Personally, this is one of those few apps that gel into the whole Android ecosystem without breaking a sweat.