Zite is an iOS news reading app but it also offers personalized reading that other news readers / magazine apps cannot match. Developed by Zite Inc this app will bring you content based on articles you have read as well as the stuff that people in your social networks are talking about. This way you only get the info that you want.


Unlike other apps that just show your RSS feeds like an online magazine, Zite assess the Twitter and RSS feeds then provides you with links to other articles. In other words, you are not just following your news sources; the app will use them as launch pads to similar articles. This wonít just allow you to find similar articles but also to find other info that you probably didnít even know was out there.

The layout is pretty easy to understand with Top Stories showing you what is happening, as well as blurbs, images and also numerous categories so you will have an easier time finding content. Among the categories are “Technology”, “Gaming”, “Film & TV”, “Celebrity Gossip & Industry Rumors”, and many more.

Zite also has a customized icon that allows you to choose other categories. There is also a search box if you want to look for something specific. Not only is the information cellars and layout attractive, but the images have descriptive text too. But the best feature no doubt is its ability to arrange the content taken from different sources into one cohesive whole.

Turning virtual pages is also easy as you just swipe your device surface. If you are looking for a news magazine app for your device, grab this one.

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