Fast Picture Viewer (32 bit)

If you are a professional photographer (or even a novice one) and you need a program that can help you go through tons of pictures in a short amount of time, Fast Picture Viewer could be your best solution. Fast Picture Viewer is an image viewing program that helps you preview and rate your digital images faster. The program is very minimal in function and options but it gets the job done without any complications.


It's not hard to notice that there are countless "get things done" or GTD programs available online. Another one that takes its place on the roster is ThinkingRock. This program will help you get things done without any hassles. The program is great at forcing you to organize things logically following a strict process of collecting, processing, organizing and reviewing, so no more excuses.


Have you ever dreamed about using a browser that is fast, efficient and delivers your webpages in almost the blink of an eye? If you have, Lunascape could make your dreams a reality. Lunascape is considered the first triple engine browser, meaning, you have the features of the Windows IE, Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome right under one setting. You can even include Apple's Safari on that list. It can help view any website without having to switch to another browser.

CC Publisher

If you are a bedroom musician, indie film maker, game developer or a graphics artist, you might want to add a creative commons license to your work to help protect against copyright infringement. Cc Publisher is a great little software developed by creative commons to help make licensing your work so much easier. The program is easy to use and runs on a variety of systems including Linux, Mac and of course, Windows.


Tracking your time is made much easier if you use Lumina. The program is a very handy tool created especially for Mac users. Lumina, formerly called iClockr, is a straightforward program that helps you keep track of all your projects and how much time you spend on them. It helps you organize and know just exactly how much time you've spent on a particular task. If in case you are busy and like keeping all your work organized or simply love being productive by dividing your time, then Lumina would be a very helpful program.


Want something to help you get down all those great ideas instead of randomly writing it down a scratch of paper? Then go ahead and give Freemind a try. This is an excellent software to use if you want to get all your ideas down since it helps you to map out your thoughts and organize them for better access. Back in school, one of the most basic things that teachers taught us when getting ideas down is to put them on a layout or structure. Seeing the visual layout often helps plenty of people. If you think this can help you, then Freemind is a software that is right your alley.

Celtx – open source media pre-production software for filmmakers

Filmmakers often like things organized. They like to be able to keep track of their media projects like screenplays, documentaries, audio, comics, games etc. With the help of Celtx, you can do all that and so much more. Celtx is a client-server program that provides independent film makers a chance to organize all of their pre-production needs like scheduling, creating reports etc. It is also a great program for scriptwriters since it allows them to attach videos or images to the script to help the filmmaker have an idea of the scene. Currently, the program has an estimated 500,000 users all across the world.


Hydrogen is a free drum machine for Linux/GNU. Its features allow you to make your drum beats professionally, but without having to pay for them. The easy-to-use graphical user interface allows users to intuitively make their beats. Hydrogen has a built-in sequencer and mixer, allowing you to layer up to sixteen samples for each instrument. And with a wide array of supported files, you can easily be your own DJ with Hydrogen.

OpenProj – open source project management software

OpenProj is an open-source software designed for project management. It is a free alternative to the commercial software Microsoft Project. It is also available for Linux, Mac, Unix and Windows and since a lot of people contribute to the project, OpenProj is available in a number of languages like Finnish, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French and many others.