Want something to help you get down all those great ideas instead of randomly writing it down a scratch of paper? Then go ahead and give Freemind a try. This is an excellent software to use if you want to get all your ideas down since it helps you to map out your thoughts and organize them for better access.

Back in school, one of the most basic things that teachers taught us when getting ideas down is to put them on a layout or structure. Seeing the visual layout often helps plenty of people. If you think this can help you, then Freemind is a software that is right your alley. Freemind is a Java based program that helps users to create visual maps of their thoughts and ideas. It is ideal for those who often find themselves forgetting their thoughts or simply have trouble recalling their ideas.

Although some people might seem hesitant to try out any Java based program, suprisingly this one does not completely drain out your resources. The software is available in different formats like Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Freemind is easy to use since it provides you with various ways to navigate on your map.  It is easy to rearrange the ideas by simply dragging and dropping the ideas. There are simple key shortcuts as well. Moreover, the physical formats can also be changed according to your style and preference.

Over the many versions of Freemind, the software has largely improved. Although there are some rather odd behaviors every now and then, the program is great to use if you simply like visual reference for your ideas. Businessmen can also benefit greatly from this.

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