If you follow the latest iOS games quite faithfully, then you must have stumbled across Forget-Me-Not. This exciting game has been winning praises and scoring countless of minions ever since its initial release. Unfortunately, the game came with a price -$1.99 a pop at the iTunes App store - and was only offered for iOS devices, well, that is until recently. Yep, the game is now available for download for Windows and Mac users. Plus, it's all for free! With additional features incorporated, this retro arcade Pacman-type game is destined to become an even bigger hit thanks to these new formats.

Cave Story

Cave Story is a cool Japanese platformer that was originally released back in 2004. Despite the age, it's still winning plenty of gamers, thanks to its fun and engaging gameplay. The nice thing with this game is the fact that it's so simple. Graphics are retro 8-bit yet it manages to be endearing still. The soundtrack, like the graphics, is simple but it certainly lends some lovely depth to the game. Of course, the gameplay is equally lovely. The game was created by Daisuke Amaya and released in Japanese, but theres a full English patch that you can download as well. Grab the game right now.

8bit Killer

You can say that 8bit Killer is like playing an NES game. The fact is that it was made to look exactly like an overhaul of an NES game. It features the same graphics and gameplay style that fans will definitely feel as if they have gone back in time. The game is set in AD 2488, in a world where the human race is bracing on extinction. In the hands of Master Brain, the world is being threatened and now, a group of humans have formed to combat this growing evil. The game focuses on the final mission for these group of soldiers. If you are looking for a nostalgic yet awesome NES-like game, then you'll definitely find it here on 8bit Killer. It's definitely worth giving a go.

Ninja Senki

If you are like me and you simply cannot resist a good ninja platformer, then you'll want to include Ninja Senki on your must-play game list. The game was designed by Jonathan Lavigne and was originally based on the Super NES game Ninja Jajamaru-Kun and Mega Man. Although it's done in simple 8-bit, the game is a refreshing platformer that will satisfy all your shuriken tossing needs. In the game, you play a cute blue ninja named, Hayate, that must avenge the death of his clan's princess, Kinuhime. Go ahead and let out your inner ninja with this cool 8-bit. You'll definitely enjoy it.

Shoot First

Described as an "co-op action roguelike" game, Shoot First, is a mix of Roguelike elements, retro graphics and RPG systems. As weird as this combination may sound, it's actually works great. Of course, instead of the typical sword and shield in RPG systems, you will be packing an automatic instead. Developed by Teknopants, the game allows you to play single or cooperative missions. Go on two player mode and fight off monsters, quests, score some loot and save a couple of trapped people in the process. This game certainly knows how to fuse weird elements together and make it work. If you play the game, expect a lot of dungeon crawling and monster killing goodness coming your way.

Survivor: The Living Dead

Haven't gotten over zombies yet? Here's another one you might want to take a chunk off. Survivor - The Living Dead is nothing new in terms of concept. You play a 20 year old girl by the name of Amber Chaplin who witnesses her brother's violent death in the hands of a zombie. To save herself, she flees and comes upon a large house that seems to be infested with the walking dead. Will she survive or will she turn into the next best grub for these zombies? Survivor definitely takes almost all the elements of a good zombie game and meshes them into one big and highly entertaining game. You get big guns, a heroine that's not immune to zombies and actually gets tired when sprinting too much and simply an awesome gameplay.

Mash Man

Mash Man is actually a remake of a classic NES Action 52 cartridge game. Redone by Curtis Kling, the developer creates his own take on this classic game that features a grape masher that uses his feet to mash grapes and create wine. Of course, all should be well and dandy for our masher until the townsfolk decided to buy themselves fancy machines to mash the grapes. The machines prove to be more efficient, hence, our protagonist is banished into the nearby forest to live in exile. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Action 52 was actually an NES cartridge touted as having 52 games in one. Despite the hype, the games contained plenty of errors and bugs subsequently, it was discontinued. Fast forward today and a group of game developers have taken up the task to remake these not-so-great classics and at least turn them into something slightly more tasteful. Mash Man is among the results. Check it out for yourself.

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is one piece of arcade marvel that you'll either absolutely love or absolutely hate. If you hate 8-bit pixel art or retro, shallow gaming; then you might want to steer clear. However, if you have always fantasized reliving the wonderful times when players played video games just to have their names emblazoned onto that shiny and shimmery 'Top Score" list; then this game will be your best friend for a good while.


If you think that a game with a bunch of colorful lines doesn't deserve to be called a "game" at all, then Cygnus just might change all that. Now, in a world where competing for realism is what sells most video games, Cygnus attempts to stand apart. This deceptively simple game will actually give you quite a good challenge. In the game, you are left to maneuver a ship that has no means of offense. You are basically in pursuit of what I presume to be another ship that's colored in red. You cannot fight or shoot down anything since you don't have any weapons. The one thing that you can do, though is simply maneuver, rotate or thrust your way down the goal. Think you can breeze through this game? Give it a go.