Short Film

Momentos by Nuno Rocha

Directed by Nuno Rocha, Momentos, is a stunning short film with an aim; to remind you that life is good, that family and friends will "find" you even in the toughest of times. The short has already won a handful of awards; starting from Cinematic Achievement Award at the International Short Film Festival in Greece, to Audience Award at a Film Festival in France. With wonderfully acted scenes, characterization, perfect camera work, and a powerful message, Momentos will surely take you on one unforgettable ride.

Sad Little Men

Created as a thesis film; Sad Little Men is a dramatic story about jealousy and how chance circumstances can create a complicated web of events. The film is a short one, with less than 20 minutes running time and stars Jason Ralph & Will Whatley. Behind the scenes is Samuel Aaron Bennett; doing majority of the work from directing, writing, scoring, shooting and editing. With only $1500 from Kickstarter donations, production was started and a 3-4 day shoot was planned in NYC to create this raw yet compelling short film.

Say Goodbye Isabell

Say Goodbye Isabell reminds me of a poem brought to life with the help of moving images. This six-minute short film by Natalie Figueroa under Ofokus Frilans Film-Produktion is a Swedish indie drama with some gorgeous experimental elements. It tells the story of a paralyzed girl trapped in her own makeshift world, dying without even knowing how to live. The film is artistic and strangely hypnotic with scenes transporting you to a lucid dream where nature and glares of sunlight blur the eyes. The sequences are brilliantly transitioned, at one point you find yourself floating over rolling greens and then you are brought back to the cruel sadistic reality.

En Agosto (In August)

En Agosto (In August) is a 15 minute short film by Día-Fragma, Fabríca de Películas in asssociaton with Oruga Animations Studios. Released in 2008, this skillfully done in 2D and 3D animation drama had already garnered recognition from renowned film festivals including the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films. Written and directed by Andrés Barrientos and Carlos Andrés Reyes, the film tells the story of a city transformed by a great flood. A young shaman woman from the future senses a powerful premonition while an old man in the present time awaits the end of the world on a day prophesized by his deceased wife. Though vastly apart by time, the two characters are united by a single vision and reality.

Van Beuren’s Tom & Jerry – Redskin Blues (1932)

Many of you reading this would mistake this piece of work for MGM's classic "Tom & Jerry", but its not so. This is Van Beuren's Tom & Jerry episode of 1932 Redskin Blues. This particular episode is high on action, with "Boom-Bang" from guns and cannons ( a 1932 Mission Impossible we say) with the two iconic characters fighting of the 'Red-Indians'. Watching a movie like this would nowadays will do only one thing and excel in it: it will make you laugh and relive the good olden days. Nostalgia is the theme for this one!

Escape from City 17 (Part One & Part Two)

If you were a big fan of the Half-Life video games, you'll certainly enjoy and find Escape from City 17 nostalgic. Created by The Purchase Brothers, part one of this fan film adaptation was released around February 2009. Now, over two years have passed and the company finally gave Half-Life fans an early Christmas present by releasing part two of the project. Armed with handy camera equipment and a $500 budget for both films, the Canadian duo set out to create an amazing adaptation that's critically acclaimed by many and even praised by Valve, the video game company responsible for the popular first person shooter.

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941)

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941) can be termed as an all time classical era of the superhero. Like always, Superman in this particular series is also out there to protect Metropolis from the many arch-rivals always trying to destroy the peace of the world. The opening scene is the typical Superman signature style, with people shouting "Up in the sky" ,"Look, its a bird", "Its a plane", "Its Superman" accompanying this opening scene is drum-rolls and trumpets taking you to the old school of cartoon making techniques. What would really catch the viewers attention would be the way Superman is shown in the cartoon. Quite hilarious, at-least that is the case with people of 2011.

Portal: No Escape

Valve has been getting plenty of great fan film renditions in honor of their games lately. First there was Escape from City 17, a short fan film created by The Purchase Brothers based on Half Life 2. This time around, it's Valve's Portal video game that's getting the treatment. Portal: No Escape is a short film directed by Dan Trachtenberg. Although he's been working on the project for a year and half, it's only in August of this year that he was able to release it. The movie focuses on what is believed to be the character of Chell (Danielle Rayne) as she wakes up and discovers that she's a prisoner. With no memory, she eventually discovers the Portal gun and uses it to escape.

Heartless: The Story of a Tin Man

We all grew up with The Wizard of Oz. Some had the story read to them before going to sleep and some could not stay away from the television set while watching Dorothy and her magical red shoes. As much as we know about our little heroine, do we know just how the other characters in this timeless classic came to be? Whitestone Motion Pictures decided to do just that, and with their beautifully executed twenty minute film take us to the beginning on a journey through the life of Tin Woodsman.