Abscondo: Fo(u)r Colors

After deciding to move from Seattle to the country of Slovakia, Abscondo, started recording his first few indie pop acoustic tracks. According to the artist, his moniker not only serves as a nice artist name but it also reflects his own lifestyle. Fo(u)r Colors is a 4 track EP that includes songs from his new and upcoming album. His first release Midnight Show is also available for free download and is quite popular in Jamendo.

Abscondo “Midnight Snow” – free acoustic album under Creative Commons License

If you're wondering about what Abscondo got his record name, a quick look at his personal weblog will provide the person. Abscondo came from the verb abscond--to run away, usually taking something or someone along. This is the perfect way to describe his music in his free album, Midnight Snow. This album is arranged in such a way that 5 songs, which fill up Side A, represent Midnight Snow. On the other hand, the next five tracks, composing Side B, make up the Morning Rain.