The All-About: Suburban Heart

Some of the best music probably stems from one’s reminiscences about his or her hometown, and Suburban Heart is no exception. In his latest project, Zac Coe – The All-About is his pseudonym – solely mans the boat, almost. Well, yeah, he’s enlisted some friends, but the nitty-gritty, such as the autoharp and the glockenspiel, are entirely his.

Derek Clegg: Head Down Sunrise

Summertime is a super swell time, except for the scorching heat that intensifies each year. To complement (or to aptly put it, “counter”) this temporal climate imbalance, a required listening of Derek Clegg‘s latest effort, Head Down Sunrise, is a must.

Meager Fare: Meager Fare EP

‘Meager fare’ doesn’t necessarily always mean some form of scarcity. If we’ll allude things to the band’s name, Meager Band, then it must be said that they have refuted themselves, since from lacking — they composed music out of their songwriting trips to the NC mountains — came a bunch of music that are just as rich as any other glossy mainstream project out there.

Speaking Suns: Part One

There are times when we’re just craving for that dose of suburban indie. Actually, that time might be now. Speaking Suns, a relatively new independent band, is shooting for the sky (excuse the pun, guys) with their own breed of indie pop via their newest EP, Part One. As to why the collection is named as such, we don’t know, but something tells us that it might signify they’re messianic destiny

Jody Aaron: Rivers

Pop rock has returned to its irresistible form, thanks to Jody Aaron. An accomplished songwriter, Jody performs some of his own compositions when not busy penning tunes for others. His debut EP Rivers, which he recently released, is one good mixed bag of treats; kudos to Scott Matthews for producing.

Big Wilson River: Octopus Album

At first listen Big Wilson Rivers Octopus Album packs a jarring punch. After adjusting to a somewhat stylistically predictable album, which is best described as a jerky and frantic folk/rock hybrid, a zealous melody and original narrative begins to merge. Powerful instrumentals are aided by forceful lead singer Darrin Bradbury who at times dominates the vocals with a strained shout. Despite, he is paired with Emma McLaughlin who has a soft yet strong voice, something similar to the enticing and hypnotic effect of Adele.