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Motorama: Alps

Russian fivesome, Motorama, has been steadily building a solid fanbase with their post-punk, Joy Division-inspired sound. The group has been around since 2005 but they only released their first full length album last year entitled, Alps. The sound is†unmistakably†a clash of new wave, 80s sound with slightly danceable beats and monotone vocals. Inspired by some of the more prominent bands in the past decades, they also cite The Strokes and The Coral as bands that they grew up listening to.

Very Okay: Small Loud

Very Okay is one of the latest bands hosted by indie donation based netlabel, Quote Unquote Records. This Brooklyn based group is made up of members coming from several prominent indie rock bands in the area. Together, they create upbeat indie pop rock with hints of punk. Small Loud is a short compilation that rushes through 6 punchy fast pop tracks. The record is a burst of upbeat instruments, sweet lyrics, great vocal work, as well as fast rhythms. It's a short but excellent record that's filled with fun times. Give the album a download and don't forget to give a little something for the band if you like it.

It Leaves, It Leaves: It leaves, It leaves

It Leaves, It Leaves is a Belgian indie band that certainly knows how to create lovely folk pop that in places can sound like it was taken from the Elliot Smith rulebook. There's not much information about this band or this guy online, except that he's from Belgium. Released under PERKuNowA label, this self-titled album is the 5th release for the label so far since its inception. Compiling 10 melodramatic cuts; the album is a melancholic, slightly haunting indie affair. It is a moody record that reminds you of heartbreak, dark rainy morning skies and a love lost forever. If you are up for a record that brings you good feelings of sadness, then this should be right up your alley. The album is available as a free download under the PERKuNowA site or right here on Frostclick.
Netlabelism cover 12/10 compilation

Want to hear the best of Hip Hop, House, Inditronic, and Dub without spending hours sampling music on the web? Well turn your speakers up because you are in the right place, at the right time., an online magazine for quality netaudio, just released their next 12/10 compilation of the best tracks under the Creative Commons license. And it means that you can download it for free and share it with others as long as you give credit to the creators.

Kellee Maize – Hasta Abajo (All The Way Down)

One of FrostClick's favorite artists, Kellee Maize, has just released a single from her upcoming album, Integration. Known around as THE female rapper (try googling it!), her last release "Aligned Archetype" has been downloaded over 300k and has reached #1 on Amazon MP3s downloads. Hasta Abajo (All The Way Down) adds a new spin to Kellee Maize sound with new reggaeton beats complementing her, as always, thoughtful and well written lyrics. To top all that, the music video is top quality as well.

Nicolas Falcon: Nicolas Falcon

This acoustic, indie folk number from Nicolas Falcon is perfect for a dreamy escapade. Filled with beautiful acoustic swells and laid back vocals, this self titled debut from this Florida musician is a definite keeper. From whistle solos, quirky lyrics to simple upbeat guitar strumming, it's hard not to enjoy this record. It might not break into the Top 40s but it's a beautiful compilation worth listening to.

K. Sparks: The Trilogy Chapter 3: The Resurrection

New York based rapper, K. Sparks, hits up the airwaves again by putting a final cap to his Trilogy series. This latest release is entitled Chapter 3: The Resurrection. This new effort comes doused with 19 hot tracks that are true to K. Sparks fashion. It's filled with catchy beats, great skills and an awesome vibe to it. Like his previous releases, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, this compilation also sees several talented artists and producers contributing their skills. Artists and musicians like Wordsmith, LaŽtitia Dana, Jeff Chery, and Ahmad , to name a few, pitch in their talents to complete this record. If you love the sound of K. Sparks and have followed this awesome series, then you definitely shouldn't miss this one. He pulls out all the stops and hands out great tracks one after the other.

The Ease Down: Shapeshifter

Singer/songwriter, Ben Wilkins, is best known for his band, indie piano pop rock group, The Ease Down. This Montreal native loves to create honky tonk jazz pop rock with his piano as well as incorporate some lyrical melody to his songs about love and life. Shapeshifter is the first album from this group and comes with 10 tracks filled with good vibes that's perfect for a relaxing afternoon.