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The Scare Bears: Zombies Are Everywhere

Be warned: contains gazillion explicit content, tons of metal, punk rock and lyrical comedy. From the funky video game intro in Girls Don't Play, it's hard not to laugh and enjoy listening to The Scare Bears. Their music can best be described as a cross between loud metal, electronic and comedy. Most of the tracks do contain heavy cursing and cussing as well as overall dark content. If you don't mind it, you'll definitely enjoy listening to Zombies are Everywhere. The album is made up of 16 tracks with quirky titles like Banana and Dumpster Diapers. If you like heavy but fun rock and don't have a big problem with cussing, then this album is worth checking out.

Can’t Stop The Daggers: ep one

Alternative indie rock band that brings to mind Radiohead only less weirder and poppier. Can't Stop the Daggers is a four piece group from Phoenix, Arizona. Their demo, EP one, contains four hypnotic indie alternative tracks filled with swelling synths and melodramatic drums. Capitalizing on their catchy and soothing sound, the group instantly captures their listeners attention. Can't Stop the Daggers is composed of guitarist Chris Chattom, Jon Partelow on vocals, Emily Schalick on bass and Lionel Luchessi on drums and percussion. Ep one is definitely a breakthrough Ep that contains great tracks suited for a quiet "me" time.

Tab: The Freakout Tent

One producer/multi-instrumentalits plus one vocalist/lyricist equals one atmospheric and diverse album. The Freakout Tent is the third compilation from talented producer Anitek and rap lyricist/vocalist, Tab. These two go together like butter and bread. Anitek is known as a top trip hop producer, creating varied and interesting mixes to compliment any samples and vocals overlaid on a track. On the other hand, Tab is a rapper known for his solid verses. He hardly pulls witty one liners like most MCs like to do but instead relies on the structure of his lyrics to go against or flow with Anitek's sound.

Fresh Body Shop: Director’s Cut

French alternative acoustic indie rockers are at it again for the eighth time! Director's Cut from Fresh Body Shop is their eighth release since they first started. Although information for the band is relatively scarce, their music simply speaks for itself. Most of their albums have heralded positive reviews from listeners and critics. Thanks to the bands fresh take on alternative acoustic rock, their tracks are not tough to love. Their album The Ugly Army garnered praises for its electronic, industrial rock sound. On the other hand, prior to this, the band released Draw the Circle which also received rave reviews. With Director's Cut, it's won't be long until praises for the album pour in.

Nomoredolls by Nomoredolls

Girl fronted rock band... another Paramore in the making? With the success of female fronted bands slowly on the rise again, Nomoredolls is taking a crack at the formula. Fronted by talented and highly energetic Cecilia Miradoli along with an equally diverse and talented band; Nomoredolls delivers alternative pop rock with a jagged edge. Although based in Italy, the group has written their tracks in English for a more worldwide appeal. This self titled debut gives you 12 powerful, energy driven pop rock songs that make you bounce around. Whether they have what it takes to make it big, you be the judge.

Robin Grey: I Love Leonard Cohen

Simple folk pop with a penchant for name dropping. Robin Grey creates lovely folk music, no doubt about that. I Love Leonard Cohen, is a 4 track EP released after his first full length debut, Only the Missile. His latest album is Strangers with Shoes and contains 8 folk acoustic rock tracks. Grey has a gift for creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere with his music. Influences from Leonard Cohen, Ani DiFranco and Bob Dylan reign supreme in his work. So if you love music from those artists, chances are, you'd appreciate this EP.

Anitek: Anitek Instrumentals Vol.

Better half of trip-hop duo Tab and Anitek makes his own statement. Instrumental music is always a little tough to judge, simply because there are no vocals or lyrics you could cry out to and criticize point blank like it's off key, or too nasal blah blah. However, Anitek certainly changes that. Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 1 is filled with catchy tracks. It's more than just trip-hop, its old school rock, blues, jazz and everything in between all rolled into one beautiful sound. Anitek has had several LPs released under his name, including two other volumes for this instrumental compilation. This album is worth the listen if you want something to give you good vibes throughout the night.

The Transisters: Under Control

Solid rock base with an electronic twist. If there's one band I could compare The Transisters with, it would have to be another indie band called She Wants Revenge. Although plenty of Joy Division similarities is also enough to make you think twice. The Transisters crams new wave/hipster sound with electronic beats; creating excessively danceable, catchy tracks that still rock out. Under Control is the band's debut album and features 9 easily likable songs. They have had quite a background and have opened for indie big wigs like the Raveonettes and new wave band Kaiser Chiefs.

Secret Ocean: Kokoro No Furyoku

Dreamy acoustic folk pop in a Japanese wrapping. Secret Ocean is Hiroumi Takatsuka on vocals and he creates laid back acoustic indie folk rock. Kokoro No Furyoku is the Japanese singer songwriter's latest release and is filled with 11 acoustic driven songs. Seven cuts from the album is available for free download on Jamendo, but if you want all 11 tracks, feel free to help out the singer and buy the album at CD Baby or Amazon. Although he cites influences from U2, Coldplay and Del Amitri, they are not really as pronounced on the release where Hiroumi's prominent sweet vocals takes center stage.