Very Okay is one of the latest bands hosted by indie donation based netlabel, Quote Unquote Records. This Brooklyn based group is made up of members coming from several prominent indie rock bands in the area. Together, they create upbeat indie pop rock with hints of punk.

Small Loud is a short compilation that rushes through 6 punchy fast pop tracks. The record is a burst of upbeat instruments, sweet lyrics, great vocal work, as well as fast rhythms. It’s a short but excellent record that’s echoes plenty of fun times.

Coming from other well-known Brooklyn bands like Thousandaries, Get Bent and Cheeky, the members combined forces to create a great upbeat album. Small Loud initially blasts through with the uptempo pop punk single, Dead Horses. Featuring lovely, unconventional vocals and a cool beat, the song makes a perfect morning greeter. Its catchy beat makes it an easy favorite and perfectly sets the mood for the next 17 minutes of the album.

Where You Go is also a lovely song that features wonderfully sweet lyrics and a nice, feel-good beat. One of my favorites in the record, this is one song that best describes the label’s descriptions of “awesome, fast, pop-punk!” Meanwhile, No One Kicks You Here, Bruno, features a heavier alternative rock influence. The bass is heavier and the overall rock feel is quite apparent.

Small Loud is definitely an album that deserves to be listened to and played. It’s not as “awesome” as the label touts but it is a wonderful compilation that should be checked out.

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