One of FrostClick’s favorite artists, Kellee Maize, has just released a single from her upcoming album, Integration. Known around as THE female rapper (try googling it!), her last release “Aligned Archetype” has been downloaded over 300k times and has reached #1 on Amazon MP3s downloads.

Hasta Abajo (All The Way Down) adds a fresh spin to Kellee Maize sound with new reggaeton beats complementing her, as always, thoughtful and well written lyrics. To top all that, the music video is top quality as well.

She has been looking for a new creative director and DP and we think she struck a bulls eye – Alex Di Marco & Dave Prokopec together with the rest of her production crew has put out a quality product – check it out!

The track is available as a free download from Kellee’s Website, but you do have to give her your email address=sign up for her mailing list 🙂

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