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The Sovereigns: Pick It Up

During this day and age, I find it more and more difficult to find punk bands which sport the punk genre in a legitimate sense. However, recently, my ears have been rewarded with some of the scarce spoils in which rarely become available to a dedicated browser like myself. The album ‘Pick it up’ by ‘The Sovereigns’, resurrects the late 1980’s/early 1990’s version of ska-punk that many believe to have died long ago. Hysterical drum beats (with a tempo range between relatively fast to extremely rapid), catchy brass sections, walking bass lines and power chords strummed from a fanatically distorted guitar help to ensure that all of the desired boxes are ticked. These aspects then conglomerate to form a sound similar to that of Anti-flag, NOFX and Reel Big Fish. Additionally, the bands vocalist portals politically motivated and humerous lyrics through a rough and husky voice - while he also manages to stay in key. This deems the Sovereign’s music worthy of a wider audience and saves them from being restricted to only those of the traditional punk scene.

White Owl: Pepper

White Owl is a Russian folk core group that creates some funky folk rock music. Equipped with different tastes in music, ranging from alternative, indie, hardcore, disco and folk, the band's music is a result of this diverse musical fusion. Pepper was released a couple of years back and comes with quirky, upbeat and fun tracks that's sure to get you moving.

The Wagner Logic: Easiest to Grab

Shoegazer indie rock that makes you feel "infinite." Perhaps the Wagner Logic has noticed the many criticisms they got after tagging "punk" along with their genre in Jamendo, because they removed it and left their description as indie, alternative, postrock and rock. Well, those words are more fitting in describing their beautifully melodic release, Easiest to Grab anyway. The Wagner Logic is composed of Jeremy Wagner and James Glave who by their own definition are "two mysterious friends challenged to a blood pact...making music in the woods." This is their very first release and for sure it's not going to be the last one.

Silence is Sexy: This Ain’t Hollywood

Silence is Sexy releases their first foray into the online indie music scene with This Ain't Hollywood. This is the indie pop rock group's second full length album. After relative success with their first commercially released record, the band decided to take the open source route and released their second LP directly online. As a result, Silence is Sexy is garnering plenty of online buzz. Their album is filled with lush, beautiful, indie rock tracks that gives even successful indie rock groups a run for their money.

The Heavens: The Heavens

British rock and American psychedelia rolled into one. If at some point you fell in love with the Verve or any 90s Brit rock band during the Oasis era, then you might find The Heavens a real treat. The band infuses their music with bits and pieces of rock, alternative, psychedelia and indie rock making every listener think twice whether it's really 2010 not 1998. The band is known for mixing British 60s rock with a psychedelic American twist. Their self-titled EP has been hailed positively by various critics and reviewers. In fact, one writer even went on to say that "their 4-track demo is better than most current bands' singles." I must agree, so why not give the tracks a listen and be the judge.

The Sway: Going Blind EP

An almost guaranteed Top 10 indie pop rock band. Thirteen years after they parted ways, The Sway, reunites to give this whole music thing one last swig. And from the looks of things, they have succeeded. They went on hiatus again for two years after this mini reunion and as of April 2010, they were back in the studio penning tracks for a new album. For the meantime, the band definitely left something great behind for their fans to enjoy, Going Blind. This is actually a 3 song EP that would make even current so-called "indie pop rock bands " a run for their money. Their indie rock sound is definitely worthy of praise, not to mention a slot in the iPod.

Mudskills: Mudskills

Rock alternative indie rock that comes in fast and hard. Apart from a short bio and the name of its band members, information about this band is a bit elusive. Essentially, Mudskills is made of Eleonora Rocca on vocals and guitar; Mirko Deiana on guitar; Marcello Pabiri on drums and Allessio on bass. On certain instances, they are joined together by Andrea Puddu on drums and Emanuele Orru on bass. Mudskills is a hard rock act that showcases plenty of grunge influence. Although it's not entirely a gem, the album does hold some noteworthy tracks that any grunge lover would enjoy. It's worth checking out if you have a taste for loud rocking tracks.

Screenatorium: Blue Morning EP

Acoustic downtempo beats that makes you wish trip hop reigns supreme once again. Screenatorium is like the long lost trip hop band that should have come out of the 90s; back when it was still the heyday of trip hop music. Not to say that their style is outdated, but it certainly brings back a lot of 90s trippy bands to mind. Screenatorium is a French band primarily headed by composer and musician Djeh. He enlists the help of Nawelle Saidi and Nelly Burn on vocals as well as Niet who serves as official graphist. Their mellow music definitely sparks interest and is perfect for a relaxing afternoon filled with mood music.

Part Rocket: Sparks and Beams

The closest to an instrumental "summer pop" record you will ever get. Part Rocket makes you wish it was summer all the time. Sparks and Beams is a four track EP that creates the perfect compliment to beautiful summer days at the beach and those interesting summer nights. Comprised of a lot of band members, Part Rocket has had rave reviews for their work, including being described by Quench Magazine as "impressively diverse... combines industrial, emo and prog influences to great effect, creating something entirely of their own."