When Derek Clegg makes an appearance here at the Frostclick blog, you can be sure that he definitely has something good in tow. Sure enough, his latest album, All Those Days To Feel Better is something to look forward to.

Like his previous releases, this one is an indie acoustic folk affair that carries Clegg’s laid back vocals and beautiful melodies. His guitar skills, vocal and lyrical work still take center stage like it always has. 

Composed of 12 tracks, the album is offered absolutely free under a Creative Commons License.

All Those Days to Feel Better is a compilation you play when you’re lounging for the afternoon and want some good music. From the onset, you’ll feel a gentle tug on your heartstrings as Golden starts with quiet guitar plucking and an easy-listening vibe. The tempo ups a bit as it reaches the refrain and chorus. True to his style, Derek Clegg’s music soothes the soul in a beautiful way.

The title track comes in as the third single on the record, it’s an acoustic affair that laments a bit about life. It’s followed by Leaving and Alive which are relatively more upbeat compared to the other cuts in the record.

This is the seventh album for the artist and he’s definitely put his best foot forward as always. The album carries the same sentimental acoustic pop vibe that has always been characteristic of his sound. If you’ve always been a fan of his music, this album will fit easily into your playlist. It definitely does mine. Take a listen, download and enjoy.

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