Pollux: Rspct

The album Rspct opens up with a track that's proper for its role: Rspct Intro features a thin but layered drone shifting from this direction to that until it renders itself redolent of aircraft sounds, or of spacecraft ones (it depends on your imagination, really) and, consequently, creates the illusion of one taking flight, perhaps toward Pollux – not the artist behind the album, but the brightest star in the constellation of Gemini, from which the musician presumably took his moniker.

Graffiti Mechanism: Fueled by Emotion

Proc-Records founder and curator Adam Crammond, a k a, Graffiti Mechanism, picked or conceptualized, whichever the case, a rather curious cover for his latest effort Fueled by Emotion. Archetypal digital illustrations and graphic images come to mind when the subject of electronica album art is brought up, so it only rightly elicits a slight shrug that this release features a low-definition, worm's-eye view photo (with mirror effect) of a tree ostensibly taken during a drought. But looks, as the discerning would know, can be deceiving: the seven solid tracks of the album, which was released by Happy Puppy Records, intuitively belie whatever pallidness the cover may come off as having.

MixGalaxy Records: Music For The Weird Clerkfish

Music for the Weird Clerkfish is a diverse collection of generally light and funky lounge music from various international artists. Mixgalaxy Records brought together brilliant acts for this compilation: IMDB listed old-school hip-hop artist Brandon K. Montoya aka Coruscate, Bear & Lampshade, Brazilian pop-singer Yokandesh, vocalist Gizella from the UK and Spanish multi-instrumentalist Raul Diaz Palomar aka Taker 51. This compilation is a well-balanced mix of ambient, hip-hop, lounge, smooth jazz, electronica, and upbeat danceable music that is perfect for a casual laid back mood.

Karbidangeln Mit Aurica – Glacial Series

Glacial Series by Karbidangeln Mit Aurica is a combination of creatively powerful beats and soothing vocals. All of the tracks in Glacial Series were written and produced by Berlin-based Aurica Kurtuschin, who also lent her beautiful voice to complete this collection. Aurica’s netlabel Electrolyt describes the album tracks as, “the finest living room electronica with elements of synth pop, drone and industrial, as well as ambient, post-punk and experimental.”

Schilli-San – Smooth Situations

It's Saturday night, and you're feeling a bit too adult to go out clubbing until dawn, but way too young to stay at home and do nothing. Smooth Situations is the perfect kind of music for a weekend full of adventures and secrets - it has a laid-back groove that invites you into its mystery, without giving too much away. This is great news for people who like dance music, without necessarily wanting to dance all the time.

Klement – New Life (Compilation)

French producer and singer Klement compiles 15 tracks in his portfolio - some of unreleased and some previously released by different netlabels between 2003 and 2009 - to celebrate his music. This album is under Ego Twister netlabel. Klement's sound is a fusion of electronica, pop, and new wave. His beat sounds promising, but the mixing leaves a lot to be desired. I listened to the tracks once, and promised myself to not do it again. It was sort of frustrating for me because each track starts okay but then the notes get really messy, the beat lost and meaningless. Each song loses its way before half a minute is over. The mixing could definitely be improved, too.

Krakenti: Mice Plan

I was familiar with Krakenti’s work in the context of heavy industrial music – kind of like Trent Reznor in his angrier days. While I do like industrial, I find that most independent industrial albums can get very same-y after a while. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Krakenti’s latest release on Bumpfoot, Mice Plan, was described as a mix of “various styles,” industrial blended with trip-hop and ambient. I wasn’t disappointed.

Bangguru – Bang the Guru! EP

For those born in the '70s, or even youngsters who just foster an invented nostalgia for what it was like to be a kid in the '80s, there's a certain timeline of sounds that inevitably weave their way through the collective memory. Portuguese electropop band Bangguru have a sound that embodies all these elements within a single package, and not only is this the kind of music I like to listen to, these seem to be exactly the sort of people I'd like to hang out with.

Erdbeerschnitzel helps clean out your ears with Pathetik Party

A lot has happened in recent years that is making me give electropop another chance. You might think there's only so much that can be done with dancey club-type music, but the advent of IDM as a distinct "listening" genre (i.e. stuff you might actually play at home) has really opened doors for musicians like Tim Keiling, also known as Erdbeerschnitzel, to spread their wings and explore a bit.