Shy Guys vs Nurses

A downtempo, electro compilation filled with great bass lines and jazzy tones; this self-titled record from Shy Guys vs. Nurses makes for an intriguing listen. Recorded back in the 90s along with most of the releases from the group, the tracks are over a decade old. To date, it seems the band has only played one show at "The Factory in Bellingham, Washington on September 15, 2000." Even though they might not be around anymore, they did left a good footprint behind in the form of this classic, easy listening album.

Colours of Melancholia

Colours of Melancholia is the one-man project of Berlin based musician, Sebastian. It's an album that leaves you great window seats to the artist's sonic exploration. Initially influenced by heavy metal, rock and punk; Sebastian says he's always been fascinated in sampling as well as experimental types of production. This interest then led to this self-titled debut record. The compilation is a lush landscape of sound; showcasing great use of beats, samples and synths to create a pleasing album worth noting.

Rufio: For Lights

Combining hip hop with his signature dub and synth style, Sacramento native, Rufio definitely delivers a different kind of vibe with his compilation. Better known as Ru [are you,] For Lights is the first compilation from the artist. It was initially conceived as a record that hopes to capture and explore the different facets of beauty in life. However, the album transformed over time and the artist decided to create it as a sort of story; "Almost like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been produced yet," he relates.

Mutts – The Tells Of Parallels

The Mutts play a unique version of the blues that centers around the bottom end of Bob Buckstaff on bass, Chris Faller on Drums and Mike Maimone on keys and rasping and roaring vocals. Tells Of Parallels is Mutts third EP and finds this very tight band stretching their brand of the blues to incorporate more experimental elements that takes them away from the blues and into their own musical territory. Mike's vocals are reminiscent of Tom Waits but louder and with a more aggressive delivery. This Chicago based trio deliver a unique EP.

I Am The Agent: Volume One

'I Am The Agent’ is an alternative rock band from Newcastle/Central Coast of NSW, Australia. In their EP, ‘Volume I’, this band conveys a hauntingly beautiful and delicate sound which is achieved through a soft, clean and crisp guitar style and simple, emotional and gentle vocal melodies. Keeping this in mind, the band does not shy from taking things up a notch from time-to-time. All of these elements make it difficult to dismiss I Am The Agent into a specific and accurate category within the alternative rock genre. Furthermore, There is definitely a grunge element to this music and in some songs, this band reminds me of Nirvana. Specifically, the song ‘Leave’ reminds me of Nirvana’s song ‘Polly’ from their album ‘Nevermind’.

Monk Turner’s Coordinates – Hello! Mr. Galactic Defender of the Concept Album

A concept album that slaps you hard about the reality. You've got to love Monk Turner for creativity and witty lyrics. He combines various music genres and creates tracks suited for any type of music listener. Equipped with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about everyday life and social events that people encounter throughout their lives. Of course, it won't be a concept album for nothing. Pretty much the entire album is all about songs at a particular location, like that "Dive Bar off Maine Street" or "The Hair Salon, " even "MJ's Grave." It's meant for you if you love to pay attention to the lyrics more than fuss over melody.

Zhang Liming: A Gift of Despair for My Friends

Okay, for a moment, I want you to stop thinking of music as entertainment, and stop thinking of musicians as being the ones fully responsible for bringing their music to you and spoon-feeding you its meaning. Instead, just for a short while, consider the process of making music more as a collaborative effort, where you and the musician share equal obligation in the end result.

Pequeña Fiera! “Secrets with no words” – dreamy and hazy experimental art rock release

Another great release from the Error!Lo-Fi Records (Spain). Pequeña Fiera! is a band that explores the border between lo-fi and experimental/art rock (vide Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc.). What we got on Secrets with no words are 5 very dreamy and hazy tunes that take us somewhere very much behind the rainbow. If the band thought about the compositions a little bit thoroughly than it would definitely be a minor underground hit-band.

Jabberheads “Stories Collection” – a refreshing rock album from an experimental Ukrainian band

They may be from Ukraine, but that doesn’t mean they can only conquer their own country; Jabberheads are here to rule the airwaves with their album, “Stories Collection.” This album is amazingly beautiful. Packed with 10 Indie Rock tracks that you will surely love, whether or not you are a fan of the genre. Jabberheads does not only concentrate on the said genre, this album also exhibits some astonishing acoustic guitar play and body bouncing bass thud. You can say that they’re into some Acoustic and Reggae, but I think the synthesis of genres developed into only one thing, the “Jabberheads’ Rock.”