Pope: Fiction

With the indie scene machine constantly giving birth to a new band on such a fast pace, a gridlock can happen. We see the new bands claiming to produce somethin... Read More

Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre

The Brontë sisters really know how to cook up a definitive love story, and Jane Eyre is a prime example. Regarded as an important piece in English literature, Jane Eyre’s dark undertones have also made it a prototype in Gothic fiction. The novel tells the story of the titular character, Jane, as she escapes from her abusive situation at Lowood, and then goes on to become a much-adorned governess at Thornfield Hall.

Sincope: Close Moving

Tuscan-based duo Sincope travels through ambient horizons in their new album Close Moving. Released last January 27 under Sostanze Records, this three-track collection offers songs that paint dark emotional soundscapes. Sincope is composed of Matteo Puoti and Dario Balinzo. The musical duo was formed last 2006 and mainly focuses on ambient/electronic sound with a touch of abstract and orchestral music.