K.Spark’s previous release, Definition, was a great success on FrostClick/FrostWire and received more than 25,000 downloads in just a couple of days back in January.

Now, K.Sparks is back with his newest album – “Super Senior”. The project is compose out of 25 very diverse tracks filled with strong beats, real lyrics and some fully skits. Definitely worth a download!

K. Sparks chose the album title “Super Senior” as a metaphor for individuals that continue to repeat certain stages of life without making any significant progress. “As we all know…a Super Senior is a person that has been in school for a while and has failed to graduate…I wanted to create a conceptual album that told a story…and at the same time provided a message.” Super Senior is an eclectic blend of music that features various artist such as Pugs Atomz, Julius Francis, Threatz, Jeff Chery, D. Julien,Tina Quallo, Dave Barz & various other artist. Production credits include Kurser, Pajozo, T Mos, Claps, DJ King Flow, Haze, Jae Monee, Hannibal King, Thelonious Martin, & Kevin Fountain. Super Senior is a free album download that stretches the boundaries of conventional Hip Hop music to provide listeners with an entertaining experience…Super Senior.

From Press Release

Track Listing:
1. Introduction [prod. by King Flow] Back Cover Super Senior K.Sparks
2. In The Building (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Claps]
3. Super Senior [prod. by Kurser]
4. Sunshine (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Pajozo]
5. Spoken Word (Interlude) [prod. by Jae Monee]
6. I Know [prod. by Kurser]
7. Callin Me (Interlude)
8. Callin Me (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Kurser]
9. Todd From The Label (Interlude)
10. Temperature (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by T Mos]
11. Mind Drift [prod. by Thelonious Martin]
12. Slum Dog Millions (f. Julius Francis & Dave Barz) [prod. by Kurser]
13. Blind Man [prod. by Kurser]
14. 1800 Beloved (Interlude) [prod. by DJ King Flow]
15. 1800 Beloved [prod. by Kevin Fountain]
16. On n On (f. Pugs Atomz & Tina Quallo) [prod. by Pajozo]
17. Campus News Set Back Bill (Interlude)
18. Microphone Fiend (f. Jeff Chery) [prod. by Kurser]
19. Horns (f. Tina Quallo) [prod. by Haze]
20. Girlfriend (f. Julius Francis) [prod. by Kurser]
21. Campus News Neighborhood Swap (Interlude)
22. Ewww! [prod. by Haze]
23. School Cypher (f. JD of Duality, D. Julien, Jeff Cherry, ThreatZ, and Lee Kid) [prod. by T Mos]
24. Overtime [prod. by Hannibal King]
25. Outro

If you like this album, make sure to check out K.Sparks’ collaboration album with Angelous – “Queens vs Brooklyn” .

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