Compiling together some of the best German indie label acts under a creative commons license, all2gethernow Creative Commons Compilation 2010 is one kick-ass compilation. Apart from the awesome fact that it’s available for free, the record lumps together a diverse set of bands that will satisfy any fanboy or fangirl’s musical cravings.

From electronic to indie rock, to hip-hop and even folk music, you’ll definitely find what you want in this record.Made available under one of the biggest sources for free, legal music, FMA (Free Music Archive); this sampler takes a killer bite on some of the best acts German indie net labels have to offer.

Top netlabels like 12rec., aaahh records, Error Broadcast, Resting Bell, P-Pack Records, rec72, and  Weisser Herbst were among those who contributed music from some of their top acts just for the sampler.

Being a sucker for indie folk rock, I adored the fact that they included tracks from Emilie Lund and Entertainment for the Brainded in here. It was also cool to find other hidden gems as well like, folk acoustic band Giraffe’s 4AM. Also enjoyed the  sexy electro pop, U.G.L.Y from Zoe.Leela as well as Derrick Hart’s You’re Winning So I Quit.

It’s hard not to gush about this sampler. Most of the tracks are very appealing, even if you might not like one particular genre of music. It’s the perfect introduction you can get for any specific music genre.

Curated by Wolfgang Senges, the album is aimed at gathering together some of the best acts from Germany’s Creative Commons community. Call it a calling card of sorts for the country’s CC netlabel scene. It’s truly a worthy download.

If you want to read more about all2gethernow, you can head to their site and find out the nitty gritty on what went down at this awesome conference.

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