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0space is a cool game that was developed for TIGSource's versus-themed competition. This amazing game can accommodate between 2-4 players at any one time on the same PC. It was created by Beau Blyth and definitely a game worth trying. The game is still in its beta stages but it has been slowly gaining a solid fanbase. It only features 8 maps right now but there are plans to expand, eventually. It also gives players a good range of deathmatch options, amazing gameplay and so much more. This fun multiplayer space shooter is available for free download on Windows. Head for the Teknopants website and get to gaming!


Obake is a cool platformer game that features unique and fun gameplay. It is a Japanese platformer game that has a similar gameplay to that of favorites, Mario and Kirby. It's also filled with the same charm and fun elements contained in both games. Enjoy over 50 levels as you play the titular "Obake" or basically, a ghost. Fight and possess more than 20 different enemies and have an excellent time.


Nanosmiles is not just another arena shooter game. One of the entries for the Tokyo Games Festival, this little shooter game gives player a different approach towards gameplay as well as the control scheme. In the game, you can use inanimate ships found within your area to target your enemies instead of you attacking directly. It takes a bit of time to get used to this unique style of fighting but once you do get the hang of it, the results are quite interesting.

Lyle in Cube Sector

There is something about retro looking games that make them so much fun to look at. Moreover, if they incorporate a fun and addictive gameplay with it, then you certainly have a winner. Lyle in Cube Sector fits into this category easily. It combines the fun gameplay of Super Mario 2 along with lovable characters and solid storyline. Basically, the bad guy steals your cat and you would do anything to get your precious cat back.

Digital, A Love Story

Most of us are so used to seeing 3D, awesome graphics in our games that we often forget the beauty that exists, not to mention the fun and enjoyment, we can get from a simple pre-Internet BBS atmosphere. Enter Digital, A Love Story, it's a purely text based game set "5 minutes in the future of 1988." The game is a charming and romantic game that you'll definitely enjoy. It might not carry awesome 3D rendering and extensive fight scenes but it is one game I guarantee you'll have fun playing. No spoiler alerts here, so go ahead, download it and play it for yourself.

Restraining Order

Okay, so I'm sort of torn whether to recommend this game or not. On the one hand, the game's evil bean looking character is pretty entertaining as he runs after this woman with a child and won't let anything stand in his way. However, it just seems too odd and weird. Restraining Order is also filled with broken mash up of background tracks about love, violence, incest etc. This makes for a dark comedy yet disturbing side scrolling game. Well, if you want to try it, go ahead. But don't blame me if you find it just a little too much as well.


If you can say Anagramarama ten times straight without fail, then you probably have a thing for anagrams. Anagramarama is actually a puzzle word game similar to that of Text Twist, except it's all for free! All you really have to do is come up with as many words as possible from the given letters and you are good to go. Even though it may seem like it, the game is actually fun to play even if you are not a total geek.

World of Padman

With so many open source first person shooter games available online, it's often tough to choose which title to give your precious hard drive space to. Of course, you might have several criteria in mind for deciding, like gameplay or graphics. One game that would pass both categories with flying colors is World of Padman. World of Padman has a similar gameplay with Quake III Arena, minus CTF mode. The graphics are quite cool and colorful while the gameplay is definitely perfect for trigger happy gunslingers.

Super Vampire Ninja Zero

This is for all the classic fanboys and fangirls out there who have a fascination for beat 'em up games. Super Vampire Ninja Zero is a 2D game where you play a female ninja with serious martial art chops. You basically kill the various undead creatures looking to get a piece of you. The game features several modes of gameplay including Normal Mode, Time Attack and Survival Mode, to name a few.