With so many open source first person shooter games available online, it’s often tough to choose which title to give your precious hard drive space to. Of course, you might have several criteria in mind for deciding – like gameplay or graphics. One game that would pass both categories with flying colors is World of Padman.

World of Padman has a similar gameplay with Quake III Arena, minus CTF mode. The graphics are quite cool and colorful while the gameplay is definitely perfect for trigger happy gunslingers. The game was initially designed as a mod for Quake III Arena, hence, the gameplay is almost exact. World of Padman includes colorful, agile, and skilled bots that will rip you with you apart if you let them. As of the moment, full online and offline multiplayer is possible but no single player campaign is available.

The nice thing with the game is that it provides several new modes of play. For example, with Spray Your Color, you are tasked to tag certain areas of the spray room. However, you will need to defeat enemies in order to get the color cartridges for tagging.

World of Padman offers gamers with a new take on how gaming can be done by providing creative new game modes. Unlike most industry games that need to fit a certain mold, indie makers have more creative freedom, resulting in fresh gameplay and cooler details that you will hardly see under commercial titles.

Graphics for World of Padman is exquisite. It’s obvious that the makers spent a huge amount of time on it, paying attention to details as much as possible. The game features zany and cartoony characters, hence the colors are bold and bright. The game graphics might not suit the palette of those looking for more realistic games, but it’s definitely worth the shot.


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