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I Have No Tomatoes

Beating stress can be a lot more fun if you have I Have No Tomatoes on your computer. This fun and stress relieving game lets you see just how many vegetables you can smash in a span of ten minutes. The game is a great combination of Pacman and Bomberman. Essentially, you have a square grid where you run around from veggies and at the same time place bombs to smash or kill them off. It's definitely a fun game to play.

Mental Repairs Inc.

Mental Repairs Inc. is perhaps one of the few true blue psychology games out there. It is the second game from German indie developer Renzo "Eshaktaar" Thönen and it's as promising as his first game, Murder in a Wheel. Mental Repairs Inc., lets you play a "machine psychiatrist," allowing you to assess and fix the mental state of machinery around you. Yes, machines are equipped with A.I. in the future so your job is to make sure that they are in the proper mental state.

Umbrella Adventures: The Castle of Cake

If you are the type of gamer that thinks that game art is equally important as the game itself, then you would definitely enjoy Umbrella Adventures. The graphics is "100% handrawn" in a stylized black and white form. In the game, you travel all across the forest in search of the mystery behind the theft of more than 100 cakes. It's a game that provides not only a solid gameplay, but rich graphics and a cool soundtrack.

Hedgewars – free multi-platform game similar to Worms

If you were born in a generation where Worms was considered a near equivalent to Mario, then you might want to check Hedgewars. It's basically the same game except that you are not a worm and it works great in most platforms. Old versions of the Worms game won't work at all on Vista and most of the current systems today. Even though it's essentially a Worms clone, it is awesome. It features really smooth gameplay and graphics are pretty good. Plus, it will definitely give players a great time.

FreeCiv – a free and open-source alternative to Sid Meier’s Civilization

Are you the kind of person who wants to rule over the world and go through the history of how our civilization has come to life? Or maybe somebody who just wants to pass time and build these and those while at the same time having fun controlling his or her own empire? Look no further: FreeCiv might be the game that would make you sit in front of your desktop or laptop for hours and hours to come.

Warrior Epic – Not Your Average Free Fantasy Action MMORPG!

Warrior Epic is amazingly well reviewed free MMORPG game that let's you direct an army of warriors through the wilderness to "recover ancient artifacts and fend off barbaric tribes carrying the wicked heritage of the warmongers of ancient times". The 3D fantasy world is very imaginative and the graphics look amazing the 50 something levels and tons of characters will keep you happily occupied for a long time! You can take "take command of a variety of Warriors through solo, PvP, and multiplayer dungeon-raiding adventures."

Chicken Invaders – modern rendition of 80’s classic arcade game

Chicken Invaders is a nicely designed arcade game based on the 80's hit. The goal is to defend the planet earth and the entire human race from the revenge hungry chickens from another galaxy. You need to shoot as fast and as precise as possible to see only drumsticks falling from the sky and whatever you do - never touch asteroids or eat the eggs!