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Welcome To Ashley: Beyond the Pale

When it comes to talent and unstoppable, riveting on-stage performance, Welcome to Ashley definitely deserves more than a pat on the back. These Chicago natives have compiled 9 powerpop indie rock tracks that's filled with hipster vocals and interesting hooks. Beyond the Pale is the group's follow-up to Absent Man, their first EP. With punchy, shorter and more catchy cuts in this full album, it's a definite crowd pleaser for any indie rock junkie.

Davy Long: Babies (Side A)

Downtempo folk acoustic group, Davy Long, brings in sleepy lullabies in "Babies." This acoustic, folk pop album is filled with quiet, lofi tracks with a touch of psychedelia. For the band's first official album, it seems to be treading on the right path. Davy Long compiles music that's ambient, delicate and a bit eclectic. It serves as the perfect mood setter for a lazy, gloomy morning.