When it comes to talent and unstoppable, riveting on-stage performance, Welcome to Ashley definitely deserves more than a pat on the back. These Chicago natives have compiled 9 powerpop indie rock tracks that’s filled with hipster vocals and interesting hooks.

Beyond the Pale is the group’s follow-up to Absent Man, their first EP. With punchy, shorter and more catchy cuts in this full album, it’s a definite crowd pleaser for any indie rock junkie.

Welcome to Ashley is an indie rock quartet made up of Coley Kennedy on vocals, Pete Javier on guitars, Sherrlia Bailey on drums and Jeremy Barrett on bass. With their typical uptempo beats and characteristic Smith’s like tracks, they provide an entertaining and danceable set of tracks that’s hard to fall for.

Beyond the Pale clearly takes on a more darker tone compared to their EP. Tracks like What A Day It Was for Dying and I Love Monday Mornings echo with a Smith’s vibe and it’s not just the Morrissey soundalike from Kennedy. On the other hand, Those Dreams of Mine feature a more dancy rhythm and much more “happier” tempo.

Perhaps the biggest draw for Welcome to Ashley is their straightforward and simple yet catchy tracks. There are no pretensions, only cool and straight up rock and roll. Even though they sound like they belonged in the 70s or 80s, there’s no denying that the band can create some seriously awesome music.

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