He and Other Both Creatures is a solid, electronic jazz compilation that’s worth listening to. The man behind this captivating collection is Horiso; a Polish multi-instrumentalist, technician, composer, programmer and in some parts of the record, singer.

This 9-track album takes electronic influences, jazz, improv, voice and so many other elements together, mashed them around, to create a breathtaking record. There are certain tracks that make you feel like dancing while other tracks are more meant for a slow and relaxing evening with people you love. Released last September 2011, the album is available as a free download under a Creative Commons license.

When I first heard the vocals for opening track, Feeling Good, I immediately thought of Jeff Buckley. The song is a slow, jazzy track that’s accentuated by Horiso’s beautiful vocal work. It’s one of the few songs with his voice on display which is a kind of a bummer since it’s definitely a gem, however the rest of the tracks are really good in their own way.

Tracks like It Will Rain, Kaa and An Anden are more or less instrumental electronic affairs. They showcase the artists capabilities when it comes to his instruments and how he cleverly balances different sounds effortlessly. On the other hand, cuts like Remembring and 4 are melodic, acoustic songs brought to life by Horiso’s heartfelt vocals.

He and Other Both Creatures is definitely an interesting compilation to listen to. It caters to several audiences by beautifully combining different genres into one amazing album.

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