Upbeat and completely danceable; the debut EP from No Way Josie! will easily find its way into your Saturday nightclub playlist. With 6 tracks in tow, the album resounds in an 80s/90s dance pop vibe that will take you on a trip down memory lane filled with the amazing electro-dance pop goodness.

Vocals for the group are provided by personal trainer (and now a great vocalist) Kym Perfetto while the beats are spun by producer and music engineer, Andrew Toews.
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The EP fires off with one powerful track; Want It Back will make you dance around your room, speed up your morning run, and provide you with enough energy to start off any of the rainy days thrown in your way. The cut is also one of my personal favorites, so if you are a fan of spot on synths and masterfully put together beats, it could become one of your favorites as well.
Let Me Show U, on the other hand, takes the tempo a bit down. It shows off the gorgeous vocals by Kym and the same fun electro dance flavor we already fell in love with.


Other cuts that should put you in a happy, feel-good mood include Around The World and Nothing To Spare. Both tracks are accompanied with good mixing and gorgeous steady vocals. The songs on the EP really showcase the perfection of dance electro pop and will surely get you up and dance in no time. Apart from the originals, the compilation also includes two remixes from Cosmo Luxx Arena and a Wintry Mix Dub.

You get a great musical package with this duo. If all you need is some great dance party music to throw on for your usual Friday night gatherings, then do check this one out. So grab the download, take a peak at the band’s BandCamp page and head over to their Twitter to check out where they’ll be playing next.

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