One of the many faces representing underground electronica from Munich, Germany; Magentaa releases his latest record, Pulse. This 7-track compilation carefully fuses different elements to create a cohesive album guaranteed to make it the perfect go-to record for midnight parties or quiet lounging at your apartment.

There’s not much personal info about the artist online, except that he has released several titles and compilations prior to this one.┬áMost of his songs are an eclectic mix of sounds; with drum machines, electronic pianos, voice and field recordings making an appearance. It’s this unusual combination that’s making his electronic sonatas quite interesting to listen to.

Pulse opens up with Houche, one of the longest tracks in the record. It runs for about 8 minutes and fills in listeners with what is essentially a hodge podge of synths, electronic, overly auto-tuned sounding vocals and a quirky drum beats. Even though it’s a bit long, the sound is pretty consistent and doesn’t make you feel like you’re swimming under a senseless mix of sound.

On the other hand, tracks like Hazie and Tubb, delve deeper into the dark atmosphere, coating it with generous psychedelic vibes and even a slight touch of hip-hop.

According to the artist, Pulse is “about bits & pieces. Single parts, repeatedly demixed, modulated, filtered, chopped and newly formed into structures. It’s music, that functions like a multiple repainted picture. To listen to makes you an adept. The room between abstract sound and concrete noise is measured here. When tones become noise, images will be available, that aren’t completely medially tied yet.”

Indeed, Magentaa creates a sound that is both mystical and relaxing. Pretty much, you could play this record in the background to whatever it is you’re doing and just enjoy it. The album is currently available as a free download. Take a listen.

Worst by Magentaa

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