Bas: Two Weeks Notice

After hitting big with his single Charles De Gaulle to JFK, Bas suprises fans with Two Weeks Notice, a six-track mixtape consisting of freestyles, remixes, and over cuts. The Dreamville Imprint artist enlists some beat-heavy, raw tracks that conquer the stage and lure the ears. The flawless sultriness starts in City of The Empire, where jazz-tinged horns intertwine seamlessly with chunky and well-cut lines.

Fhernando “Sweet Addiction” – a free Creative Commons licensed dance album, now on FrostWire

Fhernando is a great young Mexican DJ whose most recent album, "Sweet Addiction", got some amazing reviews on free music download websites and social networks. Fhernando, or Fernando Ramires Rios, has been composing music since he was a teenager and has already released several EPs and singles. "I Love New York", his previous release, was a house/trance/electro composition. "Sweet Addiction" falls in between the disco/house/funk genres, with more complicated arrangements and "sexy & glam" style. Both are happy, energetic and capturing.