Jay Fraser

Jay Fraser: Sketches of a Renegade

Leaving Australia to learn how to play and staying in London to learn how to survive, Jay Fraser surely has a lot of cultural diversity that makes his alternative country music appealing to all. As a modern day travelling troubadour, Fraser can match his snappy guitar work with his cultured vocals which propelled him enough air time and gave him three albums and Sketches of a Renegade, a four-track compilation of Fraserís solo performance in Doncaster, UK.

Jay Fraser: Buildings of Dreams

After packing his bags and leaving his hometown (Launceston in Australia), Jay Fraser carved a path where music takes center stage. He left for Europe and pursued his musical career, recording this delightful acoustic folk pop compilation. Getting help from Richard Campbell of Orpheus Studio as well as long time friend, Tim Downey; he was able to turn the highs and lows of his experience into 10 solid tracks. The album took four months to record and gave the singer a chance to showcase his blues inspired, acoustic folk cuts and share it with his listeners.