Mediocre AB

Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is one of those games that’s difficult to categorize. On the surface, this title from Mediocre AB is a puzzle, but it’s also a driving game. There was a lot of buzz when this was first announced months back, and as it turns out it was justified, as Does Not Commute is one of the most original games on mobile.

Smash Hit

Endless runner games are everywhere on mobile, but Smash Hit from Mediocre AB is not just another half hearted derivative, because it is very addictive and has added some really unique elements that make it different from other endless runner clones, offering something fresh in the genre.

Sprinkle Free

Sprinkle Free is a physics based puzzle game. Published by Mediocre AB, your objective is to put out the fires that are wrecking havoc on the planet. All you have to do is aim your hose at the blaze and press the button to release water. But because this is a physics based game, it's a little more challenging than that.