mike schpitz

Mike Schpitz & Phys Edison: Paid Time Off

Here’s another raunchy comeback from one of FrostClick’s favorite rapper, Mike Schpitz. After his successful release of Spring Cleaning, which was also featured here in FrostClick, comes another set of fresh hip hop tunes to cap off 2013 in Paid Time Off. Haiing from Topeka, Kansas but is currently based in Chicago, Mike Schpitz is a three-in-one machine who juggles in between a full-time job, being a parent, and rapping.

Mike Schpitz/Grumpy Old Men: Sunday Skool

Marking his second appearance here in Frostclick, Mike Schpitz has released his latest record, Sunday Skool. The artist first debuted on the pages of the blog after releasing his second album, Spring Cleaning which to date has reached more than 200,000 downloads! For that album, he collaborated with a variety of artists and musiciansto create a stunning, laid back hip hop record anybody can enjoy. This time around, Schpitz collaborates with Pete Sayke, forming a new group called, Grumpy Old Men. Sunday Skool is their debut record and it seems to be heading the same route as his earlier release. It's packed with good beats that should get you to take notice.

Listen to LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz & Phys Edison’s free laid back rap album Sunday Drive

Finding the perfect chemistry between producer and MC is a very rare if not magical occurrence. With the single driven, mixtape economy of hip hop, finding this connection for an entire album seems virtually impossible. One duo however, has not only managed to find that chemistry and share the same vision, they have also managed to create a conceptual piece of work that flows seamlessly from start to finish without skipping a beat.