Toussaint Morrison, Dr. Wylie: Edo

Toussaint Morrison once again drops a bomb with the release of his final mixtape before dabbing his hands in creating a solo album consisting of all new original material. Together with brilliant producer Dr. Wylie, the Minneapolis-raised artist presents Edo, a 20-track mixtape that emerges from the strong points of Morrison and Wylie’s previous mixtape, Fast Times At Trillmont High, which made waves last year with 10,000+ downloads and a number 17 spot on CMJ’s Hip-Hop Top 50 for 2013.

Psymun: heartsick

Sometimes, all we need is a chill mood setter to go with those introspective moments. The enigmatic Psymun‘s the guy for the job. At only 21 years old “who smokes crack everyday”, he’s definitely on a creative high (got the pun?) as his sixth EP just rolled out last December.

Poison IV: Fly Society

In this day and age where the feminine figure is starting to establish its roots on various branches of this male-fueled world, it’s refreshing to hear them flip conventions too; that, as beautifully executed by Poison IV. Megan Hamilton, who prefers to be called ‘Poison IV’, is not to one to get stuck on one genre. Despite a predominantly “hip-hop-ish” packaging, she transitions from one style to another as she pleases, not minding that she’s dipping into alternative pop, rap, and R&B as well.

Jeremy Messersmith: The Reluctant Graveyard

Bored of the usual pumpkins and cadaver costumes? Jeremy Messersmith‘s music is here to spice up your Halloween celebrations! Okay, so we’re probably taking the title of his 2010 album (The Reluctant Graveyard) too literally, but its songs really do imbibe the graveyard theme — we kid you not — that’s enough to get you through the occasion.

Rogue Valley: Crater Lake

Rogue Valley is an indie rock band coming to us straight from Minneapolis, MN. Composed of Chis Koza, Peter Sieve, Luke Anderson, Linnea Mohn, and Joey Kantor, the band creates beautiful piercing melodies and fill them with vocals that will make you hooked to the speakers for hours at the time. False Floors is the fourth album the group released in a single year! It's also the last from the series, which by no means was random. In fact, not only do all of the releases mirror the feeling of the season they have been created in, they also "act as chapters, standing strongly on their own, yet creating an undeniably rich experience when taken as a whole."