A direct successor of the Nexuiz Project, Xonotic is a free, open source (GPL) shooter game that serves as the updated and much improved version of the former. After internal disagreements plagued the Nexuiz Project, several developers took a stand and vowed to remake the game from scratch. Creating one that's even better and ensuring that it'll remain free with an open source license. The game was created by a team of "players, developers, and artists who enjoy learning and refining their skills through contribution and collaboration with other players from around the globe." Thanks to this effort, this forked version features much of what gamers could hope for. With stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, great maps and a host of other features; Xonotic is slowly shaping up to becoming an excellent game.

Nexuiz – free first person shooter game

Another 3D death match game that you can enjoy. Dying to shoot some alien scum or simply pass off a lazy Saturday afternoon? Give Nexuiz a try. It's an open source 3D deathmatch game created by Alientrap. Development for the game started back in 2002 and until now it's still gaining a lot of favorable responses from gamers. Nexuiz can run on different kinds of platforms including Mac and Linux, aside from the traditional Windows. Players can choose from several different game modes from CTF, deathmatch, domination and of course, single player campaigns which will lead players to survive through 20 levels of chaos.