Magentaa: Pulse

One of the many faces representing underground electronica from Munich, Germany; Magentaa releases his latest record, Pulse. This 7-track compilation carefully fuses different elements to create a cohesive album guaranteed to make it the perfect go-to record for midnight parties or quiet lounging at your apartment. There's not much personal info about the artist online, except that he has released several titles and compilations prior to this one. Most of his songs are an eclectic mix of sounds; with drum machines, electronic pianos, voice and field recordings making an appearance. It's this unusual combination that's making his electronic sonatas quite interesting to listen to.

Pulse by Elle Lefant – Indiefolk Pop with Wicked Vocals

Catchy indie folk pop with solid vocals. With the artsy name, you can almost swear that this band hails from New York and no other place. Well, they are from New York, but that's Poughkeepsie NOT Brooklyn. This mini album from Elle Lefant is a gem and showcases how this band needs to be taken seriously even if they don't really take themselves too seriously. Pulse has four tracks that are catchy and builds great melodies with powerful vocals. A concoction of strings, synth beats, and various knick knacks makes this EP worth a listen.