sean fournier

Burly: Worthy

Burly is a Sean Fournier's side project. "Worthy" has all characteristic qualities of Sean's previous creations - the melancholic voice, clear piano & guitars and carefully crafted lyrics, but with a tiny spin. To hear more from Burly, fans need to 'Like' his songs on Facebook. After a song accumulates a specific number of fans, another is published. Hope the experiment works, because I would sure love to hear more complex and longer track as the #2 - 44 seconds of "Worthy" is not enough!!!

Sean Fournier: Oh My

This is Sean Fournier’s fourth release. ‘Oh My’ is a six-track album featuring newly re-recorded songs from previous albums (‘Put the World On Stop’ & ‘Paper Tiger’). This one was created to be 100% FREE. Sean encourages his listeners to download it, share it, give it friends or family – everything to “spread it like a plague”.