Simon and Garfunkel

Kingfishers Catch Fire: Discoveries

A Brit band is sharing their unique “discoveries” with us. Tristan Irvine, Marcus Mozley, William Robertson, and Darran Paul Smith, also known as Kingfishers Catch Fire, compose an indie-slash-alternative folk band hailing from London. They’ve already won fans with their breakthrough 2012 EP, Ballerina, and the momentum continues as new music pours in next month.

Pawky Maven: Pruning Hooks

Swelling with gorgeous harmonies and lovely instrument work, Pawky Maven creates a beautiful indie folk music that's perfect for a quiet reverie. Pruning Hooks is composed of 12 dreamy, soulful indie goodness. Garnering influences from such greats as Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Fleetwood Mac and Simon and Garfunkel; this North Carolina native certainly reflects his musical taste. The album is a mix of acoustic pop mixed with an indie folk sound giving it that unique touch. Give the album a download. You're in for a nice treat.