Save some feel-good nostalgia for Broken Fences latest self-titled album. Released last June 1, this acoustic treasure boasts twelve tracks that will move anyone’s heart.

This indie-folk duo from Pittsburgh is composed of Morgan Erina and Guy Russo. With a sound comparable to Bon Iver and Simon & Garfunkel, acoustic fans out there will surely love this talented group.

Song For You opens with Morgan’s soulful voice that sounds like Alanis Morisette. Blended with ambient strings that tones down to make way with whispering keys, this acoustic track is soft and powerful at the same time.

In Reach, the duo’s vocals energizes you like brewed coffee on a sunny morning. Morgan’s saccharine voice jives perfectly with Guy’s rough and earthly timbre.

Taking on an ethereal charm, Simplicity transports you to landscapes of lost memories. This gloomy song flowers as each drum and note adds to the whole stellar arrangement.

Ideal for chilling out, Digital 60s will warm your heart as its acoustic and stripped down delivery lingers in your ears. Locked Inside, on the other hand, harnesses our emotions evolving it into poetic verses and vivid images.

A personal favorite, Weakest State is reminiscent of Enya, only with an acoustic flair. There is a certain kind of power on how this song encapsulates the senses, bringing it to a higher sonic experience.

The duo seals the album with Wait, a remastered single that was featured in Ion Network’s hit drama “Flashpoint”. There is no doubt that this will be a surefire megahit as violin solos flutter on self-penned verses and calming acoustic arrangement.

Overall, Broken Fences third release is a warm, ambient collection that is perfect for all musical palettes. These radio-polished tracks will surely make their spot on your playlist.

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