Tending Fires

Wood Spider: In The Thick of It

After making an appearance on the Frostclick blog for their 2011 release, Tending Fires; the raucous lo-fi indie band, Wood Spider is back with In The Thick of It. The 6-track compilation reeks of diy folk punk aesthetics with a touch of the gypsy sound that has characterized much of the bandís sound. Itís this utter weirdness that makes this compilation a great one to check out. Filled with odd singing/rambling, acoustic guitars and various bits and bobs, the record is for those who can appreciate the unusual or maybe those who have a penchant for dancing around a bonfire during camping nights.

Wood Spider: Tending Fires

Tending Fires is a simple but engaging compilation that's filled with lo-fi acoustic recordings from a four piece crew that call themselves, Wood Spider. Playing a host of acoustic, punk, freak folk, the album is perfect for those midnight campfires in the middle of nowhere and moon-filled camp reveries with the guitar and friends. Their sound brings to mind Gogol Bordello with the wailing/screaming vocals of Max Bemis of Say Anything. This is actually a split EP with Niko and the Juggler Meadow Family Band. It's a little over a year old and licensed under a Creative Commons License.