valentine’s day

ProleteR: Feeding the Lions EP

There’s a new player in the hip hop arena and it sounds like he got what it takes to blow your mind. Judging from the standout cover art to the nine tracks of the collection, ProleteR‘s latest EP Feeding the Lions will not disappoint old and new followers. His blend of French dub step, hip hop, and vintage jazz creates a fresh approach to old favorites.

Lonely Hearts: Valentine’s Day Sampler

Something special for Valentine's Day from Bloodshot Records - the label has just released their free 11-track love themed sampler. Don't be fooled by the "Lonely Hearts" in title, the album is themed, but it's not sappy or too lovey dovey. It's consists of mostly country tracks with one Rock-ish and one R&B-ish.

Mobius Band: Empire of Love

Last year this indie-rock trio presented their fans with the same gift - a Free Valentine's Day covers EP. This year the Mobius Band is keeping up with what might become a great tradition! Check out their 2009 free covers EP entitled "Empire of Love".