There’s a new player in the hip hop arena and it sounds like he got what it takes to blow your mind.

Judging from the standout cover art to the nine tracks of the collection, ProleteR‘s latest EP Feeding the Lions will not disappoint old and new followers. His blend of French dub step, hip hop, and vintage jazz creates a fresh approach to old favorites.


It don’t mean a thing opens the album with jazz tunes set behind funky beats. One noticeable aspect of the track is how ProleteR manages to shift into different genres without sacrificing the crisp mixture of the instruments.

Following in a dub-step/jazzy splendor is Valentine’s day. Listen how the track sustains one hooking beat, which serves as the spine of the song, and just builds a variety of sound into it.

Vintage soulful musings are eminent in Nothing at all and Slits. The sporadic hip hop beats add edge to the jazz instrumentation, while maintaining that chill tone encapsulated in the collection.

In Can’t stop me, the album closes in a celebratory note with syncopated beats and lively woodwind. Playful piano keys adds a swanky flair.

ProleteR has created something special here. Whether it’s the fresh tunes, solid production, or the amount of musical maturity invested, Feeding the Lions is that kind of album that leaves you wanting for more.

It’s available as a pay-what-you-want/free download in Bandcamp.

Track List:

1. It don’t mean a thing
2. Valentine’s day
3. Sometimes (Int.)
4. Nothing at all
5. Slits
6. Memories
7. Romance (Int.)
8. Street boyz
9. Can’t stop me

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