Team Fortress Arcade

Team Fortress Arcade is a retro side scrolling demake created by Eric Ruth and inspired by the popular online shooter from Valve, Team Fortress 2. Ruth has been known to take big name titles and giving it his own spin. He's the same guy who created side scroller versions of Halo and Left4Dead and even an 8-bit remake of DJ Hero. This cool sidescroller has been winning raves from fans of the original game as well as those that are just discovering it. Like the original, the developer promises to include an online multiplayer function later on but for now players will have to settle with sharing their keyboard with a friend if they want to play co-op mode.

Escape from City 17 (Part One & Part Two)

If you were a big fan of the Half-Life video games, you'll certainly enjoy and find Escape from City 17 nostalgic. Created by The Purchase Brothers, part one of this fan film adaptation was released around February 2009. Now, over two years have passed and the company finally gave Half-Life fans an early Christmas present by releasing part two of the project. Armed with handy camera equipment and a $500 budget for both films, the Canadian duo set out to create an amazing adaptation that's critically acclaimed by many and even praised by Valve, the video game company responsible for the popular first person shooter.

Portal: No Escape

Valve has been getting plenty of great fan film renditions in honor of their games lately. First there was Escape from City 17, a short fan film created by The Purchase Brothers based on Half Life 2. This time around, it's Valve's Portal video game that's getting the treatment. Portal: No Escape is a short film directed by Dan Trachtenberg. Although he's been working on the project for a year and half, it's only in August of this year that he was able to release it. The movie focuses on what is believed to be the character of Chell (Danielle Rayne) as she wakes up and discovers that she's a prisoner. With no memory, she eventually discovers the Portal gun and uses it to escape.