Music for Danny Devito

Did you ever put together a mixtape (or to be more time appropriate a mp3mix) to give it to someone special, or did you ever got one yourself? Yes, it might be a little bit old-school and some might even call it cheesy, but down deep inside we all know it is pretty - awesome. Well Mr. Devito you should feel special because MixGalaxy Records just 'gave' you a little gift of music. The compilation brings you one hour of great tracks ranging from easy listening, rock, and pop to ambient, dub, hip-hop, and electro-house. So give it a try... and a listen.

MixGalaxy Records: Downtempo Hits

MixGalaxy Records celebrates their birthday bash by releasing some of the best ambient, downtempo and chillout tracks in their roster. Formed back in 2009, this cool Russian net-label took their name after being local residents of MixGalaxy.ru forums. Now turning 1, this awesome netlabel gathers together 20 of the best dub, ambient & downtempo cuts into one relaxing album. Have a listen and enjoy a pleasant trip to a surreal musical landscape.