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P.R.: Moment In Time

Aiming to bring you the freshest talent from around the world, Cult Classic Records (CCR) serves us P.R.’s Moment In Time. Pedram Rouzbehani, better known as “P.R.”, is a Sydney-based producer who translates his love for music, life experiences, and cultural upribringing into tasteful sonic offerings. Drawing inspiration from his environment, P.R. describes his sound as “feel good music” that fuses multiple genres of current and past trends. His musical influences include DJ Premier, Nujabes, Kanye West, and Alchemist, to name a few.

The Brainstormers: The Brainstormers EP

Looking up to such great groups as the Wu-tang Clan, Task Force and Jurassic 5 just to name a few, The Brainstormers have got big shoes to fill if they're up for it. However, the five man crew seems set in making a mark of their own in the rap scene. Produced by DUB MD Promotions and Praverb The Wyze, this is the first EP for the group and so far it's gaining good ground in the indie hiphop scene. The record showcases and highlights the crew and delights the listeners with several prominent guests. Something you'll hardly see in a debut EP. If you're into underground hiphop, then feel free to check out this record.