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Update: Brandon Hines has gotten over 465,000 tracked completed downloads from BitTorrent alone since the torrent was released.

Soulful top class R&B act worth having on your playlist. When your initial thought after hearing the first few words of a song is “wow,” you can pretty much trust your gut that you are listening to something or someone special.

Young and soulful R&B artist Brandon Hines‘ songs definitely conjure up a spontaneous “wow” factor. With smooth, baritone vocals, the artist takes you into a quiet and sometimes upbeat, romantic and relaxing journey all throughout In Search Of. His songs will not only make the ladies feel good, but gents can also sing along and relate to his lyrics.

Brandon Hines’ sweet and endearing vocals is a rare talent indeed. There’s no doubt that looking for good quality R&B is like waiting for a pin to drop in a Space Shuttle blast off point. You’ll barely hear it, in fact, you might not hear it, you just have to trust that it’s there. With Hines, he stands out and peeks through with his beautiful vocals.

He’s touted as someone who is “a new artist that nestles comfortably among the greats.” It might be aiming too mightily, but one listen to his tracks and you’ll understand why.

Rising out of legendary Motown, this soulful R&B singer is definitely on the right track. His initial release Love Music…Falling In, Falling Out has created a solid fan base for him especially among the younger crowd. However, his vocal style and range appeals to different generations. It’s hard not to notice the throwback to retro rhythm and blues which makes him more appealing to even those that loved R&B back when Marvin and Luther were holding the mic.

His latest album In Search Of solidifies his talent and unrolls it for everyone to hear. Yes, his tracks do remind you of Tyrese and Chris Brown, but what makes Brandon different is that his tracks and style perfectly capture what R&B was and what R&B is today. It’s this near perfect fusion that makes the singer’s songs easy to listen to and love.

In Search Of is available for download here on Frostclick or through his official website. Personally, Find You is a personal favorite and it’s a great pick for a first track. The catchy chorus and narrative lyrics picture out a young man mesmerized and enthralled by a mysterious lady. Although the story is age old, the delivery is beautiful and romantic.

Bye Bye Bye shows the range in style that Hines is capable of. It’s a semi upbeat, Craig David-esque  track that makes you wonder whether the guy on vocals is the same person as in the earlier tracks.

Another personal favorite includes Pin Up Girl which is a straight up be-my-girl-forever love song. Any woman that doesn’t fall in love with their man for playing this to them is straight out made of stone, so gents, take note.

With talent and passion like this, Brandon Hines can certainly impress and deliver. So, is he next in line among the greats? He has the style, range and talent , all that’s left is what he does with it but by delivering this album; he’s definitely showing a great start.

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Brandon Hines featured on FrostWire.

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  • aridese

    I first heard this guy with his song a couple of years ago “look me in my face” its been on my ipod for a long time…its the only song i have by him but i love it..I cant wait to hear this

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  • megan

    daaamn brandon i need a friend!!
    hahaa your more than amazing yo
    i lovee it

  • u guys are just trying to make him feel good

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  • BILLYRAY022883

    KEEP doin what you're doin. You have talent

  • BILLYRAY022883

    KEEP doin what you're doin. You have talent

  • Tofu_666

    love it.. what a smoooth voice and it is so pure.

  • Michietek

    I am really feeling this Kat!! Nice soulful flow & voice control. Keep doing what u do. You are talented & blessed.

  • Ramoranynah

    its amazing…. i really like frostWire….. thanks 4 free and legal download here…. more power and god bless… mwauhhh

  • Amiraa

    Damn, This is quality Stuff, when I downloaded, I hit the button by accident.. but im so glad I did, I could jam to this so easily, Good work brother..keep it up now <3

  • Amiraa

    Damn, This is quality Stuff, when I downloaded, I hit the button by accident.. but im so glad I did, I could jam to this so easily, Good work brother..keep it up now <3

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  • Cecilia

    damn !!! You are the best, i love “Find You” is a great song and more with Ryan Leslie. And all that album is amazin’. Greets from Mexico!!!! Good luck and i hope more about you music.

  • Mz’Envy


  • JaY-RocK!

    why you hatin?

  • JaY-RocK!

    I just got that album need i say more if there were a concert and he went on tour i wan tsome backstage passes and i want to get upclose and personal with an interview as to who he is and what inspires him…his voice is very mesmerizing and puts you in the music!!!

  • Kopikido

    Because of my brother, I found you here. I am now a big fan of your music. Keep up the good work Brandon! 😀

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